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Due to this, and LC Mundo’s aspiration to bring new foreigners to work and study in Canada this 2022, a series of lists were developed including: Skills in demand, jobs in demand (including remote mode), and higher paying jobs.

Skills in project management, cleaning, administrative support and sales are also key today, so numerous related positions are open to both locals and foreigners.

Additionally, this has broadened the range of applicants and the number of selection options for employers, who understand that in some cases it is not necessary for a worker to be present in an office or establishment in order to perform his or her job.

In addition to the jobs mentioned above, there are other positions that are also in demand, and at the same time are on the rise and projected to be the most sought after jobs in the future of Canadian society.

Jobs in Canada for foreigners

– Lake Louise: Also located in Banff National Park, this is a resort located next to the lake of the same name, focused on alpine and cross-country skiing. Marine sports are also offered on the lake, from which you can access other nearby lakes such as Lake Moraine or Lake Agnes or skate on it in winter.

With your first month’s salary, you will recover your investment. And once you are there you can go looking for a position that is more related to you, but it is always much better to look from work than from not working, the attitude and presence are totally different, not to mention the self-confidence!

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In addition to this, Canada makes great calls in different countries through its consular offices and embassies, its immigration programs such as Express Entry that allows you to travel to fill job vacancies in different labor areas.

If you are traveling to Canada by plane, we recommend you to check this page of the official airline of Canada that offers updated information on the requirements and documents that you must have in order when entering Canadian territory: Travel documents.

Although Canada is a country with many job opportunities, you will need to have knowledge of English and French (Quebec) as it will be the best way to find job offers with better salaries.

Opportunity: Canada has many economic and employment opportunities in various sectors such as transportation, medicine, education, technology and finance. With thousands of jobs currently available and one million newcomers who will be invited to apply for permanent residency by 2022.

List of Canadian companies authorized to bring in temporary workers

As we were saying, the province of Quebec has a low unemployment rate and there are many job opportunities. These are the sectors with more demand: high-tech, health, IT, education, food processing, catering, marketing, communication, engineering, electrical engineering, construction, agriculture… As you can see, a little bit of everything!

The first thing you need to know to work in Quebec you need a special permit, in addition to the visa for Canada. This certificate is issued by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisification and Integration. This government department issues two types of certificate: CAQ (Quebec Certificate of Acceptance) for a temporary visa or a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) for a permanent residence visa. They can also help you find a job that fits your profile.

If you are lucky enough to be selected and travel to Canada under the Working Holiday program, you will need travel insurance to cover you for the duration of your visa. With Cap Working Holiday insurance, you will have the following guarantees:

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