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What does your insurance include? Quote insurance*If you are a foreigner of our travel assistance, contact our advisors or go to your nearest Mundo Joven branch, we want you to travel with peace of mind. Get ready for your next adventure Baggage delayTravel insurance for lost or delayed baggageTravel insurance for EuropeDo I need travel insurance to go to Europe?Travel medical assistance

Get ready for your next adventureLuggage delayLost or delayed luggage travel insuranceTravel insurance for EuropeDo I need travel insurance to go to Europe?Travel Medical Assistance

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is travel insurance? How much does travel insurance cost? What coverage does travel insurance offer? Do I need travel insurance to travel to the United States or Canada? What does Visa travel insurance cover? Can I buy international travel insurance with Young World? The best travel assistance is not the cheapest, but the one that gives you peace of mind during your trip… Suffering an accident or getting sick while traveling can be very costly, affect your budget and your vacation; for this reason, it is important to know how much… Quote and buy your travel insurance online from anywhere in the world, discover all the benefits we have for you! Payment methodsPay for your trip in easy monthly installments.

Medical insurance is mandatory for travel to the united states.

As with the United States, Japan or New Zealand, this destination is known to be synonymous with huge expenses as far as health care is concerned. Therefore, it is essential to have insurance to travel to Canada to ensure protection against any incident that may occur.

There are countries where having an international medical policy is considered highly advisable but there are also others, such as Canada, where it is considered essential. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes this clear on its page about the country:

“It is essential to be the holder of a medical insurance that covers as large expenses as possible (health care, accidents, repatriation), because health care to non-residents is not free, even in cases of great urgency, but on the contrary can become really very expensive.”

But, in addition to health issues, your travel insurance for Canada also covers you in other situations that can occur in an adventure like this. Problems with your luggage, robbery with violence, problems with your flights… Your international travel policy can even, as you will see below, help you get your money back if you are unable to travel.

Best travel insurance for the united states

USA & Canada Travel Insurance protects you from unforeseen events or emergencies that may arise during your trip, offering you international attention and assistance up to the limits specified in the policy.

– Medications approved for use, licit drugs with therapeutic effect, laboratory and imaging tests, as well as procedures duly prescribed by the attending physician and derived from emergency care.

The covered expenses correspond to transportation and medical treatment, including medical services necessarily incurred in the emergency medical evacuation, as well as the coordination for the evacuation and necessary treatment on the insured trip. The emergency medical evacuation service should be provided by the most direct and economical means possible, using transportation compatible with the insured’s state of health requiring the service.

The reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of necessary medications (by virtue of medical or dental care covered by the assistance), provided that the expenses have occurred during the trip and have been prescribed by a licensed medical professional.

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The risk does not have to materialize and no one wants to go through such a situation while traveling abroad but, since you are wondering, we are going to give you some real examples of medical costs covered by Allianz Assistance for our policyholders in the United States:

The rules for entry into the United States are strict and, before flying to your destination, you’ll want to successfully complete all the formalities to enter the country. One of the most popular is the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) application. This is the document that will allow you to enter as a tourist, as long as your passport certifies you as a citizen of a country that does not require a visa. You can apply for it online, although it is advisable to read each requirement carefully to avoid being denied.

Renting a car or a caravan is something frequent among those who feel that restlessness so characteristic of the most intrepid travelers. If this is your case, you should know that driving is different. Without going to the extreme of driving in England (they go in the opposite direction), in the United States they are quite strict with the speed limit and skipping the limit can get you in trouble with the authorities. Do you know the best way to get away with it? Yes, take out travel insurance that, among other things, covers the necessary expenses to get out of complicated situations that require the payment of a bail bond or the fees of a lawyer.

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