Travel insurance for seniors canada

Medical insurance is mandatory for travel to Canada.


Travel Assistance: Protection in case of emergencies outside the place of residence, such as assistance with lodging for convalescence, post-hospital transfer, repatriation of remains in case of death, among others. In addition to receiving information on travel, purchase and/or reservation management for events, assistance in case of loss of documents and more.

Médica Móvil: Out-of-hospital emergency medical care, transfer to the hospital in intensive care units and home consultations in the cities where Médica Móvil offers its services, in addition to free national telephone medical guidance.

Medical insurance required for travel to canada

What does your insurance include? Quote insurance *If you are a foreigner of our travel assistance, contact our advisors or go to your nearest Mundo Joven branch, we want you to travel with peace of mind. Get ready for your next adventure Luggage delayTravel insurance for lost or delayed luggageTravel insurance for EuropeDo I need travel insurance to go to Europe?Travel medical assistance

Get ready for your next adventureLuggage delayLost or delayed luggage travel insuranceTravel insurance for EuropeDo I need travel insurance to go to Europe?Travel Medical Assistance

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is travel insurance? How much does travel insurance cost? What coverage does travel insurance offer? Do I need travel insurance to travel to the United States or Canada? What does Visa travel insurance cover? Can I buy international travel insurance with Young World? The best travel assistance is not the cheapest, but the one that gives you peace of mind during your trip… Suffering an accident or getting sick while traveling can be very costly, affect your budget and your vacation; for this reason, it is important to know how much… Quote and buy your travel insurance online from anywhere in the world, discover all the benefits we have for you! Payment methodsPay for your trip in easy monthly installments.

Best travel insurance for canada

With your Travel Insurance to the United States and Canada you will be protected during your trip to these destinations. Your travel insurance provides you with Medical Assistance for Accident or Illness, the necessary Medications to treat the condition and even Dental Assistance, during your stay in the United States and Canada.

Your travel insurance also protects you against Lost or Delayed Baggage and we also help you locate it. If for any reason you have to cancel your flight, we also have the flight cancellation benefit. With this travel insurance you can rest assured that Allianz Travel will take care of everything, no matter where you travel to in the United States and/or Canada.

To talk about the United States as a single destination would be almost impossible due to the diversity of places worth visiting. Here you will find some of the most important cities in the world such as New York and Los Angeles. There are business centers, cities to go shopping or to have fun with the whole family. Its population is made up of people from all over the world, but the Germans, Italians and Irish stand out, although Africa and Latin America are also present with a high percentage.

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Breakfast. Early departure towards the beautiful region of the Thousand Islands. Boat ride on the St. Lawrence River, touring one of the most spectacular areas of this river and bordering some of the 1800 islands that emerge in this area. After lunch, trip to Ottawa. Arrival at the end of the afternoon, dinner and overnight.

Panoramic tour of Montreal, the second largest French-speaking city in the world. During the visit we will explore the city center, with its impressive Notre Dame Basilica. We will see the Olympic Complex, Old Montreal, McGill University, Nelson’s Column; we will pass by the City Hall and the residential avenue of Mont Royal from where we will get a spectacular view of the city; we can also stroll through the bustling shopping streets. Free time, and at the indicated time transfer to the airport. Departure for your return flight. Overnight on board.

Niagara Falls is located in the north of America and was formerly called the “water thunder” falls by the native tribes. It is a place very visited by tourists thanks to its unique beauty and also very appreciated environmentally because it is an essential source of energy. At present, Niagara Falls is divided between Canadian territory and American soil.

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