Travel insurance for foreigners in canada

Travel insurance for canada


Before arriving in the country of the maple leaf, one of the most important aspects that you will have to consider is health care. What medical insurance does the Working Holiday Visa include? Do I need travel insurance to go on a Working Holiday Canada? What should I be covered? We solve the main doubts about which is the best medical insurance for your Working Holiday Visa Canada.

There are many types of insurance. Often, for lack of habit, we do not know what to look for when choosing our medical insurance for our Working Holiday Visa in Canada and we end up choosing one based on its price and not its coverage. Mistake! We tell you why Chapka’s Cap Working Holiday is THE best travel insurance you should choose for your next Working Holiday in Canada:

If you want to apply for the Working Holiday Visa Canada, you should know that one of the requirements is to have contracted an insurance that covers you during your entire stay in Canada. This is important, because you will be asked for proof when you enter the country. In addition, we remind you that the cost of health care in Canada for foreigners is very high, so you should not only have travel insurance, but it should be as complete as possible. It is better to enjoy the adventure with total peace of mind!

Insurance to enter Canada

When you travel outside your home country, your government health plans cannot travel with you. Health care costs in Canada are very expensive. Hospitals can cost you thousands of dollars per day, charging a non-resident fee for patients who are not covered under a Canadian government health insurance plan. Travel Insurance for visitors to Canada from Allianz Global Assistance will help protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency during your visit to Canada. We’ll make sure you get the care you need.Ideal Coverage if you are:

– Tourist, non-Canadian resident or former Canadian resident visiting Canada – Uninsured or ineligible for benefits under a Canadian government health insurance planFeatures and Benefits.

-Coverage for hospital emergency – 24/7 access to emergency assistance in several languages – Medical and extended service available, Facility to purchase medical insurance prior to or at any time after your arrival in Canada for added convenience -Include accidental death and dismemberment benefits equal to the amount of your comprehensive coverage -Fast policy issuance with no approval process required -Family package is available to you when you arrive in Canada. Family package is available to you when family members travel together -Other optional plans available such as trip interruption and in-flight accident -Access to professional medical services The following is a summary of the coverage included in the sum insured selected by each insured person. For information on other available coverages, please go to the ‘Other Plans’ section.

International travel insurance

When traveling it is important to have travel insurance to be protected. And if you are about to become an international student in Canada, it is imperative that you have health insurance to cover you for the duration of your stay in the country.

Therefore, when you are temporarily in Canada, as a student it is necessary that you take out health insurance. In addition, when you arrive in Canada with your student visa, you will be asked at the border for proof that you have health insurance. It is important that it covers you as much as possible and for the duration of your stay, so that you do not have to pay additional expenses if you have to go to the doctor.

In some provinces in Canada international students are eligible for provincial health insurance. This is in addition to having a previous insurance, but it is a good option if you want to have better health coverage. Each region that offers this option has its own requirements; in some provinces they ask you to be doing a course of more than 6 months to be able to apply for the health insurance.  But here are a couple of examples to make it clearer:

Health insurance canada price

If you have an emergency in Canada, it can be quite expensive not to have health insurance. In fact, when you go to the emergency room, the first thing you see is the price to be treated. I had to go the other day, and I could see for myself:

On the other hand, if you have to go to the family doctor but you don’t have a doctor, there are clinics called walk-in clinics. You don’t need an appointment, just go and be seen. If you have insurance it is free, but if you don’t, the cost is about CAD$150. It will depend on your insurance if you have to pay it in advance or not and they will reimburse you.

The price of health care will depend on the province, for example in BC if you are an international student it is CAD$75/month, but if you have a work visa you don’t pay it (well, you pay it with taxes of course).

I recommend to come with a private insurance to Canada. Besides that it is mandatory for certain permits, you never know when you might need it and if you don’t have MSP or private insurance, an emergency can be VERY expensive.

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