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North America offers a vast extension of places to discover, from the multiculturalism of the different American states and their routes full of charm, to the natural beauty of Canada, or the thousand and one colors of Mexico, to highlight just a few qualities.

Whether you are planning a trip to the American West Coast, which includes the states of California, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii among others, to the East Coast (which includes New York among others), to Canada or to Mexico, North America offers an unparalleled experience for any traveler.

It should be noted that it is advisable to take out travel insurance before traveling in North America, as health care is generally private and the costs can be very high.

We also recommend choosing a travel insurance that not only covers medical expenses, but also offers luggage coverage, as well as other services that will be very useful such as trip extension or repatriation due to illness, among others.

Medical insurance is mandatory for travel to Canada.

When you make a reservation for services that cross the U.S.-Canada border, you must provide certain information, such as date of birth, gender, country of citizenship and detailed information about the type of identification you will carry on your trip. Other conditions apply.

Passengers traveling from Vancouver, BC must arrive at least one hour prior to departure for border crossing processing. In locations such as Montreal, QC or Toronto, ON, passengers must arrive at least 30 minutes prior to departure. For those passengers who are not citizens of the United States or Canada, it is recommended that they arrive more than one hour prior to departure to complete additional U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing.

Non-U.S. citizens entering the country must also complete the I-94 Arrival Record and pay a $6 fee. To expedite the process, you may prepay the fee and apply online through the U.S. Customs website up to seven (7) days prior to your trip. Then, you will only need to complete the final steps when you are on board. If you choose to complete the entire process on board the train, you must have $6 in cash, in U.S. currency (the exact amount), to submit with the form.

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USA & Canada Travel Insurance protects you from unforeseen events or emergencies that may arise during your trip, offering you international attention and assistance up to the limits specified in the policy.

– Medications approved for use, licit drugs with therapeutic effect, laboratory and imaging tests, as well as procedures duly prescribed by the attending physician and derived from emergency care.

The covered expenses correspond to transportation and medical treatment, including medical services necessarily incurred in the emergency medical evacuation, as well as the coordination for the evacuation and necessary treatment on the insured trip. The emergency medical evacuation service should be provided by the most direct and economical means possible, using transportation compatible with the insured’s state of health requiring the service.

The reimbursement of expenses for the purchase of necessary medications (by virtue of medical or dental care covered by the assistance), provided that the expenses have occurred during the trip and have been prescribed by a licensed medical professional.

Medical insurance for travel to the united states price

As with the United States, Japan or New Zealand, this destination is known to be synonymous with huge expenses as far as health care is concerned. Therefore, it is essential to have insurance to travel to Canada at the height that will ensure protection against any incident that may occur.

There are countries where having an international medical policy is considered highly advisable but there are also others, such as Canada, where it is considered essential. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes this clear on its page about the country:

“It is essential to be the holder of a medical insurance that covers as large expenses as possible (health care, accidents, repatriation), because health care to non-residents is not free, even in cases of great urgency, but on the contrary can become really very expensive.”

But, in addition to health issues, your travel insurance for Canada also covers you in other situations that can occur in an adventure like this. Problems with your luggage, robbery with violence, problems with your flights… Your international travel policy can even, as you will see below, help you get your money back if you are unable to travel.

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