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Travel medical insurance


If you have an emergency in Canada, it can be quite expensive not to have medical insurance. In fact, when you go to the emergency room, the first thing you see is the price to be treated. I had to go the other day, and I could see for myself:

On the other hand, if you have to go to the family doctor but you don’t have a doctor, there are some clinics called walk-in clinics. You don’t need an appointment, just go and be seen. If you have insurance it is free, but if you don’t, the cost is about CAD$150. It will depend on your insurance if you have to pay it in advance or not and they will reimburse you.

The price of health care will depend on the province, for example in BC if you are an international student it is CAD$75/month, but if you have a work visa you don’t pay it (well, you pay it with taxes of course).

I recommend to come with a private insurance to Canada. Besides that it is mandatory for certain permits, you never know when you might need it and if you don’t have MSP or private insurance, an emergency can be VERY expensive.

Insurance to enter Canada

As with the United States, Japan or New Zealand, this destination is known to be synonymous with huge expenses as far as health care is concerned. Therefore, it is essential to have insurance to travel to Canada to ensure protection against any incident that may occur.

There are countries where having an international medical policy is considered highly advisable but there are also others, such as Canada, where it is considered essential. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes this clear on its page about the country:

“It is essential to be the holder of a medical insurance that covers as large expenses as possible (health care, accidents, repatriation), because health care to non-residents is not free, even in cases of great urgency, but on the contrary can become really very expensive.”

But, in addition to health issues, your travel insurance for Canada also covers you in other situations that can occur in an adventure like this. Problems with your luggage, robbery with violence, problems with your flights… Your international travel policy can even, as you will see below, help you get your money back if you are unable to travel.

Medical insurance is mandatory for travel to Canada.

With your Travel Insurance to the United States and Canada you will be protected during your trip to these destinations. Your travel insurance provides you with Medical Assistance in case of Accident or Illness, the necessary Medications to treat the condition and even Dental Assistance, during your stay in the United States and Canada.

Your travel insurance also protects you against Lost or Delayed Baggage and we also help you locate it. If for any reason you have to cancel your flight, we also have the flight cancellation benefit. With this travel insurance you can rest assured that Allianz Travel will take care of everything, no matter where you travel to in the United States and/or Canada.

To talk about the United States as a single destination would be almost impossible due to the diversity of places worth visiting. Here you will find some of the most important cities in the world such as New York and Los Angeles. There are business centers, cities to go shopping or to have fun with the whole family. Its population is made up of people from all over the world, but Germans, Italians and Irish stand out, although Africa and Latin America are also present with a high percentage.

Cheap travel medical insurance

Visit Canada with all the security offered by a complete vacation policy: unlimited medical assistance, accident coverage, unlimited repatriation, vacation cancellation and reimbursement, civil liability… Everything you need to enjoy your vacation with total peace of mind.

Live your experience in Canada with the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against any unforeseen event with the aforementioned coverage and many others: luggage, private liability, legal protection, sports practice, early return and travel delay, among other guarantees.

In addition to Select, at ERGO Travel Insurance we have other solutions that adapt to your needs. Our Safe Traveler policy allows you to customize the limits for Baggage, Cancellation, Accident, Personal Assistance and Vacation Reimbursement coverages. It is the best travel insurance if you want to adapt the guarantees to your vacation needs.

On the other hand, a trip to Canada, with its flight and accommodation bookings, is expensive. Imagine that an unforeseen event arises before traveling and you cannot start your vacation. With a vacation policy, you can cancel your reservations and recover the cost of your trip.

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