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Therefore, in the following article we will give you a list of the best airlines that travel to Canada, to ensure that your trip is a complete success and you do not suffer any setbacks, displeasure or bad moments at the airport.

Please note that although Mexican citizens do not require a Canadian visa, they do need to present their eTA Canada at the time of boarding and at the immigration desk. To apply for your eTA you only need to meet a series of simple requirements that we explain in detail in this article.

If you are not sure or do not know what an eTA Canada is or if you have doubts about the application process, you can consult our FAQ section or contact us to receive our personalized advice on immigration matters.

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Travel permits are sometimes difficult to understand, but Mexicans generally have the doors open to travel to several countries, including Canada. To travel to this beautiful country you need your capital, plan your trip, and, first of all, obtain your eTA, or electronic travel authorization.

You can process your own eTA for Canada from through a simple platform and in your own language. However, it is worth clarifying some terms first and discussing the requirements you need to complete, which will be necessary to request your permit from our website.

There are many countries that require a Canadian visa to enter Canada. However, Mexico is not on the list. Therefore, the main requirement is a valid and current Mexican passport to apply for a travel permit. An eTA is different from a visa in many ways.

The features of this special travel permit apply to Mexican citizens and citizens of many other nationalities for whom a Canadian visa is not required. We can summarize the most important features in 7 main points:

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Your clients have particular requests or have ideas and projects to travel to Canada for their groups? With our tailor-made programs, Global Tourisme has THE solution to help them realize them.

As we are in the northern hemisphere, our summer starts on June 21st and ends on September 20th. It is our high season, when the streets are full of visitors and activities, the restaurants open their terraces, the days get longer and the pants become shorter.

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Nature and wildlife watching are the great attractions of Canada. Thus, the trips to this country include, obligatorily, the incursion by some of its most spectacular places, being one of the most popular the one that serves as natural barrier between Canada and the United States: the Niagara Falls.

However, the main problem of traveling to Canada is deciding which areas to visit: the distances are so great that, unless you have a lot of time, it is impossible to make a general visit to the whole territory. Finally, if one negative aspect of Canada were to be highlighted, it would surely be that, excluding a few cities, the country is too quiet, and sometimes even boring.

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