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Traveling in Canada by motorhome is the perfect way to discover this amazing destination. Use our comparison tool to find the best prices, discounts and promotions to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Yes, many companies offer “one-way” rentals, which allow you to return the vehicle at a location other than the pick-up location. Our comparison tool automatically includes any additional fees and shows you available vehicles on your desired route.

Vancouver Island is home to part of the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, a 511-square-kilometer park located in British Columbia. The park is popular for outdoor activities such as kayaking and hiking, with rugged coastal and rainforest landscapes.

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Interest in RV travel has skyrocketed in Ontario and across Canada. It’s easy to see why: RVs are an amazing, affordable and safe alternative to air travel.

From where to rent, where to camp and what routes to travel, here are our top tips and resources to get you started. Whether it’s a short or long trip, we’ll help you get on the road.

If you’re ready to buy an RV or start exploring the option, Go RVing Canada offers a list of dealers throughout the province of Ontario. You can also visit the Ontario RV Dealers Association (ORVDA) for upcoming RV shows. Visit Canada’s RV buying and selling marketplace at

In most cases, all you need is a standard Ontario Class G license. Ontario residents can tow and operate RVs with a full G license as long as:

West Coast of Canada

I have asked several friends with a better level of English than mine to try, but we can’t find the right option. The Tourist Information office has told me that if I don’t press any option… at the end an agent will talk to me… but nothing at all.

The third company that we found value for money was Cruise America and after several e-mails and a couple of calls (for reasons of making a “one way” trip) I have to say that they have been efficient, I hope to find the same treatment and service when we go to pick up the Motorhome.

Anyway we are in a mess, our city of arrival and departure is Calgary, and we have exactly the same distance to Vancouver and Yellowstone, although we don’t want to take an overcrowding of parks, we see that it is difficult to fit Yellowstone in a trip, because it is always far away (in the USA west coast routes also touches mileage) of everything.

As for the motorhome, we were also looking at cruisecanada and through the mails seem very helpful and is a very well known company, but finally we took it with pasonorte that has hired us one of canadream (we have gone against the clock).

Motorhome for sale in canada

And we would do it this way, rather than the other way around, as Vancouver (we don’t know if due to the Winter Olympics) was applying an additional tax to Calgary, so the motorhome rental was cheaper if done from Calgary.

We had some bells and whistles, which we had purchased for a previous trip to Finland. This time we each put a rattle in one of our boots, so that the bears could hear us from a distance and we were not an unforeseen threat to them. One of the main causes of bear attacks is the unexpected interposition of tourists between mother bears and their cubs.

We do not arrange cancellation insurance, although it may be convenient for airline tickets. They should have been requested at the time of ticket purchase, or within 7 days of purchase, but we found out too late. In general, cancellation insurance covers very exceptional cases (death of a close relative, flooding of the home, etc.). We had previously taken out cancellation insurance for other trips.

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