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After a long wait, finally, from June 11 to June 30, there will be no random tests upon arrival of vaccinated passengers. This is undoubtedly a great news that facilitates travel to Canada. This measure could be extended throughout the summer.

Trips for those who want more freedom and who in addition to knowing some cities want to go deeper into the nature areas of Canada. These trips also include flights, accommodation and, of course, car rental. In addition, we provide you with fully detailed information of each destination, National Park or road you are going to go, with our documentation that includes descriptions, maps and road maps, and that we deliver to you before departure. A trip for those who want to know Canada with total freedom.

This kind of trips are usually focused on cities and we include in all of them, in addition to flights and hotels, transfers between hotels and airports and the best excursions to know the cities and some nearby nature areas.

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Nature and wildlife watching are the great attractions of Canada. Thus, trips to this country include, obligatorily, the incursion by some of its most spectacular places, being one of the most popular the one that serves as a natural barrier between Canada and the United States: the Niagara Falls.

However, the main problem of traveling to Canada is deciding which areas to visit: the distances are so great that, unless you have a lot of time, it is impossible to make a general visit to the whole territory. Finally, if one negative aspect of Canada were to be highlighted, it would surely be that, excluding a few cities, the country is too quiet, and sometimes even boring.

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We can assure you one thing: Canada will be an experience you will never forget. On our website, you will find fixed price or closed group trips, or also tailor-made trips that we can build for you.

This is because we work with each client individually, we talk to them and make adjustments to their taste, needs and budget, and advise them on the best options. We are a Canadian travel agency, but we will also be your travel agency, taking care of managing your trip at your destination.

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Sorry, I continue, the payment is made through a bank account that they have in Austria, therefore there are no costs in the transfer, and from the first moment we were informed that the circuit would be in English despite being advertised in Spanish.

We will facilitate the tests on arrival for travelers with all vaccinations. This means that travelers arriving in Canada from any country, who qualify as fully vaccinated, will be randomly selected for arrival testing. Selected travelers will no longer be required to remain in quarantine while awaiting their test result.

Unvaccinated travelers will continue to be required to be tested on arrival on day 8 and quarantined for 14 days. Unvaccinated foreign nationals will not be allowed to enter Canada unless they meet one of the few exemptions.

On February 28, 2022 at 16:00 EST, Transport Canada’s Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) restricting where international passenger flights can arrive in Canada will expire. This means that international flights carrying passengers will be able to land at all remaining Canadian airports designated by the Canada Border Services Agency to receive international passenger flights.

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