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Backpacking in Canada


North America is a unique tourist area, but organizing a trip to Canada or any other North American country is not always easy. How to organize a trip to Canada smoothly? You have to have a clear budget in mind, places to visit according to the reason for your trip, and even a series of documents that you might need, depending on the case.

But if what you prefer is art, you have at your disposal many options, contemporary art galleries and museums. Among them are the National Gallery of Art in Ottawa and the Royal Ontario Museum, located in the city of Toronto.

Canada is such a fascinating place that even walking through its streets will give you a magical feeling. The architecture of its buildings and the order of its streets will make you want to take more than one picture.

Most European countries, all North American countries, and Chile in South America do not need a Canadian visa to enter the country. However, the rest of the countries will need it and you will have to apply for it, preferably months in advance.

Ways to travel to canada

Canada is a land of forests, waterfalls, lakes and glaciers. It is a country with cities that impact its visitors, from the elegance and class of Quebec, to the vanguard of Toronto. A place of natural sanctuaries that will make your vacation a very special trip. Get to know the available offers we have in cheap tour packages to Canada, and travel to this destination that you can not miss.

Spend days of peace and tranquility in Banff National Park, visit the museums of Ottawa, go shopping in Toronto, and taste the French-Canadian delicacy of Quebec, the poutine.  Wherever you go, this northern country will never cease to surprise you, giving you unparalleled natural landscapes, quiet afternoons, and tours full of surprises.

Get to know the Canadian east side, with the amazing Niagara Falls, the Saguenay-Saint Laurent Marine National Park, the Ottawa Parliament, the Quartier Petit Champlain in Quebec or the St. Laurence market in Toronto.

Or, exploit Western Canada by venturing into Banff, Yoho and Jasper parks in the heart of the Rockies, walk Vancouver’s pedestrian suspension bridge, or attend a rodeo in Calgary. No matter what you decide, Canada has something for all tastes and ages, and with our organized tours, you can experience the best destinations in the country.

Traveling alone

Although Canada is usually presented as a bucolic postcard, its cities do not go unnoticed. Toronto is the largest of them all and also the financial heart of the country; full of skyscrapers, art galleries and museums as emblematic as the Royal Ontario. Vancouver is not lacking in culture either (its Museum of Anthropology is a must-see) or modernist buildings (the Science World globe is proof of this). But if there is one thing that defines the city, it is Stanley Park, where beaches, views, fauna and colorful totem poles coexist in perfect harmony.

We are not talking about charming little towns but majestic cities that have the gift of taking us back in history. Quebec is one of the longest-lived cities on the continent and its walled European-style old town breathes part of the country’s colonial past, with the Château Frontenac hotel as its emblem. The same feeling runs through our body when we walk along the quiet port of Victoria in British Columbia or if we stand in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa (changing of the guard ‘British’ style included). If you visit in winter, skating on the ice of the Rideau Canal is a must. Looking for a great city that combines avant-garde and history? Then choose Montreal. Its Notre-Dame Basilica and its Biosphere are two perfect examples of how to keep the balance, at least architecturally speaking.

What to do in Canada in a week

Before we get down to business, we want to tell you that traveling alone is a great idea and one that we definitely recommend you try at least once in your life. Although most travelers start traveling solo because they can’t find anyone to go with, there are many other reasons why you should consider it:

In addition, traveling alone has a host of benefits that have even been the subject of scientific study. For example, researchers at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya highlighted that traveling alone helps us develop our autonomy and maturity. The main benefits of traveling alone are:

There is so much to see and do in Thailand, but we recommend for this solo trip that, after a couple of days in Bangkok fighting jet lag, you take a plane, bus or train to Chiang Mai. Although Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand, it is a charming and peaceful place, so it will help you to get used to traveling alone.

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