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Pregnancy is the perfect time for a break that allows you to enjoy these important moments, and what better way to prepare yourself to welcome the new member of the family than to travel. But no matter what the reason for your trip is, we want to make sure that you enjoy your stay abroad while pregnant without any worries.

You also have the advantage of being able to choose the travel insurance plan for pregnant women that best suits you in terms of price and coverage, since we offer you the policies of the best travel assistance companies worldwide, with the best prices and promotions.

With our online insurance quotation system you have it easy: You only have to enter your travel details, and check the option “I am traveling pregnant” to get a list of travel insurance available for you at the moment. Compare the benefits and services and choose the one that best suits your trip.

If you prefer, you can call our call center for an advisor to help you choose your travel insurance plan for pregnant women. It is important that at the time of the call you tell us how many weeks pregnant you are, where you are traveling to and for how long, so that we can provide you with the most complete insurance for you and your baby.

What if I have a child in Canada and I am a student?

Traveling during pregnancy can be difficult because of the risks and challenges involved, but you can make it safer with thorough preparation. One of the reasons pregnant women are afraid to travel is the prevalence of certain infections and the risk of developing serious complications that can affect childbirth. You can learn more about potential risks by discussing your travel plans with a health care provider at a hospital or travel clinic six months before your departure date.

You are at less risk if you travel between 18 and 24 weeks of pregnancy because most obstetric emergencies are common in the first and third trimesters. Health care providers can help you make the right decision if you share information with them, such as reason for travel, duration, destinations, planned activities, any underlying medical conditions or pregnancy complications, and the availability of medical care in the destination country.

Insurance for pregnant women colombia

Although travel while pregnant is generally safe, we advise all pregnant women to consult with their obstetrician or midwife before planning a trip. It is recommended that all pregnant passengers travel with documentation indicating the probable date of delivery.

Passengers with complicated pregnancies or who have experienced medical complications during their travels should read the information on complicated pregnancies below on this page.

We recommend that you have medical or travel insurance coverage for pregnancy-related problems when traveling. We also recommend that you check whether the medical facilities in your destination country are adequate to treat any problems that may arise during your visit, and that you avoid traveling to remote locations during pregnancy.

If you need medication during pregnancy, you should bring the necessary amount for the trip. Remember that some medications – such as those used for malaria prophylaxis or vaccinations – cannot be administered while pregnant. If the destination country requires such prophylaxis, it may be advisable to postpone travel until after delivery.

How to travel to canada for free

If you have an emergency in Canada, it can be quite expensive not to have medical insurance. In fact, when you go to the emergency room, the first thing you see is the price to be treated. I had to go the other day, and I could see for myself:

On the other hand, if you have to go to the family doctor but you don’t have a doctor, there are clinics called walk-in clinics. You don’t need an appointment, just go and be seen. If you have insurance it is free, but if you don’t, the cost is about CAD$150. It will depend on your insurance if you have to pay it in advance or not and they will reimburse you.

The price of health care will depend on the province, for example in BC if you are an international student it is CAD$75/month, but if you have a work visa you don’t pay it (well, you pay it with taxes of course).

I recommend to come with a private insurance to Canada. Besides that it is mandatory for certain permits, you never know when you might need it and if you don’t have MSP or private insurance, an emergency can be VERY expensive.

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