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No, we are not in the future. We are in front of one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Rocky Mountaineer, which lets us enjoy the view of the landscapes thanks to its transparent walls and roofs.

We travel to Canada in search of one of the most beautiful train journeys on the planet. A trip that is, literally, a tribute to beauty and that is framed in different landscapes that promise to leave us with our mouths open.

Specifically we have to head towards western Canada, where we find a landscape that dazzles with its deep forests, crystalline lakes and for being home to more than 60 species of mammals.

But we are not going to do it in any way, we are going to do it with one of the most luxurious trains in the world, the Rocky Mountaineer, a railway that in 2020 won the title of World’s Leading Luxury Train at the World Travel Awards.

Also, during the trip, we can enjoy a five-star gastronomy. On board, we are offered a locally inspired cuisine where we can taste from salmon from the Fresser River to Okangan wines, all in a cuisine completely inspired by the west coast of Canada.


Breakfast. This day will be dedicated to visit the most famous lakes in Canada. We will start with the beautiful Moraine Lake (June to September) framed by the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park. We will continue to the most famous site in the park, Lake Louise, from where we will observe the Victoria Glacier, considered among the most scenic sites in the world. This image will be forever etched in your memory. Before returning to Banff, we will stop at Emerald Lake, which will captivate us with its intense color. Lodging.

Citizens of countries that do not require a visa to enter Canada, with the exception of the United States, will need to obtain an AVE before flying to Canada, see for a list of countries. Travelers do not need an AVE when entering Canada by land or sea.

– Canadian permanent residents will not need an AVE to fly to Canada but, as is currently the case, they must travel with their Canadian permanent resident card. Otherwise they will not be able to take their flight to Canada.- Permanent residents of the United States will need an AVE to fly to Canada (as well as their U.S. green card). They will not need an AVE if they enter Canada by land or sea.- Students and temporary workers from AVE-required countries who obtain a study or work permit before August 1, 2015 and intend to travel from Canada and return to Canada by air will need an AVE.

Rocky Mountain Express Train

One of Western Canada’s most decorated luxury scenic train lines, the Rocky Mountaineer launched its first route in the U.S. Aug. 15 through the mountain range of the same name, with two-day, one-night round trips between Denver, Colo. and Moab. Utah.

Depending on your perspective, the most differentiating thing about the Rocky Mountaineer’s operations is either its best competitive advantage or its worst Achilles heel: although it’s a multi-day trip, it doesn’t actually sleep on the train.

Another differentiating factor of this Rocky Mountaineer route is its food and beverage program, which forgoes a classic dining car for an eat-at-your-seat approach with individual tray tables. Each row is treated like a table in a restaurant, with personalized service, scheduled meals and beverages on demand.

The journey begins in Denver, where passengers board the Rocky Mountaineer at Union Pacific Railyard at 9 am. From there, the train departs for an eight-hour, 175-mile trip to Glenwood Springs.

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Fay says, “Queen Elizabeth II rode in one of the Royal Canadian Pacific cars when she was a princess, shortly after her marriage to the Duke of Edinburgh. This train is as royal as it sounds, and the dedicated service offered by the professional staff is entirely appropriate.”

Relive the romance of train travel, the way it was meant to be. Nostalgia blends with elegance, grace and the luxury of being well cared for is how one relaxes in the midst of this grandeur. The interiors are exquisite and the scenery outside is breathtaking.

Whether dining while gazing at spectacular scenery, sipping cocktails standing on the observation deck, or enjoying afternoon tea in the elegance of one of the lounges, this is travel at its most sophisticated.

Restaurant Car: The Craigellachie Restaurant Car serves the finest cuisine by two top chefs in a sumptuously decorated dining car with tables and seating for six and eight people respectively.

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