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Because yes, you can travel in just an hour and a half by plane or about 8 hours by car the distance that separates this First Passage to the West route or the Journey through the clouds that connects Vancouver with Jasper but, if we can choose, is not it infinitely better to be pampered aboard a transparent train and forget everything for two days?

As the landscape changes and towns and farms give way to vast expanses of fields and then steep valleys carved by rivers and torrents of meltwater, the traveler is immersed in a kind of no-time.

After 12 hours of travel and a night in a hotel, the train sets off again to cover the second part of the journey to the town of Banff, in the province of Alberta and within a national park.

Emerald green lakes, crystal clear streams and forests of fir and pine trees give way to ski resorts and, finally, the great peaks of the Rockies (Cathedral Mountain, Mount Temple…) that offer incredible views.

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Another advantage offered by the train is the panoramic carriage, completely covered with glass from where you can better appreciate the landscape and the animals that inhabit it. During the night, and with a little luck, you can distinguish the always magical aurora borealis that paint the dark sky with their intense colors, once you have moved away from the luminous big cities.

During the trip there are always several daily stops, either just 10 minutes to stretch your legs and buy some groceries at the nearest store or about 4 hours (usually in a big city) to visit the city a bit.

The train offers different destinations, adapted to the tastes of every traveler, either in a Train Trip in Canada East, including the great cities of Quebec, Montreal, or Toronto, or the connection with the Atlantic coastal areas such as Halifax.

Enjoy the sceneryApart from brief periods of takeoff or landing, flying often means you’re too high up to see the scenery in detail. Driving long distances can mean all your focus is on the road if you’re behind the wheel, often traveling on busy highways where there’s little to see. Trains are often a much better way to experience the scenery. You can actually see the natural landscape, the buildings, the people going about their business and feel a part of it.

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Canada’s origins lie in the colonial occupations of France and England from the 15th century onwards, to which it owes its two official languages. French is the majority language in the Quebec region and is also widely spoken in other provinces and territories, especially in the east. France ceded its possessions to England in 1763, after the war with the Indians, and since then the power of the crown was maintained until the 20th century.

The main cities of Canada are located in the state of Ontario, which is bordered to the south by the great lakes that separate it from the United States. A beautiful region where you can sail and lose sight of the mainland, and visit from the impressive Niagara Falls, which separates Canada from New York State, to Pukaskwa National Park, in the boreal forests on the shores of Lake Superior.

Ottawa has been the capital of Canada since Queen Victoria chose it at the end of 1857. Its neo-Gothic style parliament dates back to that time. It is composed of three buildings that crown a hill at the foot of the river that gives its name to the city.

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The rooms are spacious and quiet suites, with bedroom, living room and sitting room, guaranteeing you an excellent stay and rest. They all feature magnificent views, minibar, flat-screen TV, deluxe amenities and even in-room massage service.

Aspen Lodge is a cozy hotel nestled in the spectacularly beautiful Banff National Park, close to the Bow River, with easy access to the historic towns of Cave and Bastin. Its excellent location means that you can enjoy a wide range of shopping, dining and outdoor activities within walking distance of the hotel.

The warm and welcoming reception will make you feel at home. 24-hour assistance is available. Its Whiskey Jack Grill restaurant, open for breakfast and dinner, will provide you with different quality culinary options to get to know its own gastronomy.

Its restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its atmosphere is relaxed and relaxed with cocktails and snacks. Its specialties include fresh seafood and local products.

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