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In this article “Budget Europe by Van” we want to tell you how much money we have spent traveling 6 months in Europe with our van Today we are still traveling, and our budget has not changed much despite changing continent.Countries: France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary and Austria.Kilometers: 13.750

In our first 6 months traveling with our house on wheels we decided to write down every expense, every purchase, every refueling, … and today we want to share it with you.The expenses we have had during these months we have divided them into several groups:

Easy, living in La Furiosa, a beautiful camper van And without the need to Have, nor find pleasure in buying, but in acquiring what is necessary, make saving the result of your way of life, and not an effort to stop acquiring things that we think we need, and thus be able to achieve an end.


Do you like the tribes of the world? Each of their vans is set in a different tribe of our planet. On one side of the van we can see the fauna and flora of the area where the tribe is located and, on the other side, the people and clothes of the tribe. We believe it is an innovative and daring idea, and from our point of view successful, which arises from the passion for travel and see the world of the founders of Vanyou.

They vary from travel seats, ranging from 3 to 5, to sleeping places, ranging from 2 to 4, through a wide range of accessories to configure the equipment of the camper van.

In our case, we picked up the camper from Vanyou in Valencia with the idea of spending the weekend touring the beaches and coves of our province. Unfortunately, the weekend was very rainy and the storms on the Valencian coast disrupted our plans 🙁

Cap problema! When we talked to Paula and Chema and told them the idea we had, but how bad the area was because of the storms; they quickly made us a new route with those places in the interior of Valencia that they knew to perfection thanks to their passion for climbing and hiking.

Canada by motorhome

Firefly is a brand that offers affordable car rental rates for price-sensitive vacation travelers. Firefly is Hertz’s newest brand, established in 2009, with 145 locations in 21 countries worldwide. This brand is aimed at price-conscious leisure customers and is used primarily by intermediaries and travel agents looking for low-cost prices in the best vacation destinations.

Hertz is an equal opportunity employer and manages its people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, sexual orientation or gender expression, marital or domestic partnership status, disability, veteran or military status, genetic information or any other category protected by applicable law. Hertz is committed to taking steps to promote the employment and advancement of minorities, women, persons with disabilities and protected veterans.

If you are located within North America and need any accommodations with the online job application procedure due to a disability, you may contact 1-800-654-3347 x7965, between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM EST.

Route through Canada by motorhome

After months of searching for the perfect van, we decided on one and camperized it. It took us 6 months to do it and only 5 days after leaving on our first trip, the pandemic and the quarantine arrived. So we can say that the idea of the Be Camper My Friend blog came up during those months of mandatory confinement, where we decided to share all the information we learned during the camperization, as well as utilities and travel routes.

Oh, and pull or leave extra wires lying around. Unforeseen events can always arise that you didn’t have in mind, and I’m sure that the cable will come in handy for that appliance you want to put in or another plug you need.

In the end, a van is always an unfinished and evolving project, because you always find improvements to make, repairs or changes that arise as you use it more or new needs arise when traveling.

No doubt about it. We always recommend to camperize your own van, but it is also true that every situation is different. From people who can’t because they have nowhere to camperize it, because they don’t have time to do it or simply don’t have the ability to be able to face a project of this type.

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