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Traveling by van you think it is going to be just another experience. Something different to try on a trip like so many things that we try for the first time while traveling and with which we are filled with illusion. But this is not going to be like that. It will be a revolution. An inner awakening that will surely change your way of savoring travel and with which you will learn many more things than you expected.

Adventure is part of every minute of the day. You are lucky enough to let yourself be carried away by the road, the places and even the people you meet. Following your recommendations will be another gift that this way of traveling offers you, as you will be able to get to know these places without the pressure of losing any reservations on your trip.

But if there is one thing you will enjoy is the feeling of freedom. For many an ideal in terms of travel and the way of living life. Having the possibility to choose the place where you sleep every night and the views you want to have to see the sunset, is something very valuable that you have to learn to value.

A must-see in the alberta rocky mountains in canada

After months of searching for the perfect van, we decided on one and camperized it. It took us 6 months to do it and only 5 days after leaving on our first trip, the pandemic and quarantine arrived. So we can say that the idea of the Be Camper My Friend blog came up during those months of mandatory confinement, where we decided to share all the information we learned during the camperization, as well as utilities and travel routes.

Oh, and pull or leave extra wires lying around. Unforeseen events can always arise that you didn’t have in mind, and I’m sure that the cable will come in handy for that appliance you want to put in or another socket you need.

In the end, a van is always an unfinished and evolving project, because you always find improvements to make, repairs or changes that arise as you use it more or new needs arise when traveling.

No doubt about it. We always recommend to camperize your own van, but it is also true that every situation is different. From people who can’t because they have nowhere to camperize it, because they don’t have time to do it or simply don’t have the ability to be able to face a project of this type.

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Obviously, the first thing to do is to have a camper van. If you do not have one, and you are not sure if you will like to travel with a camper van, it is best to have a first contact by renting a van or motorhome already prepared. On the Yescapa website you can find some alternatives, both from individuals and professionals.

If you finally decide to enter this world of the #VanLife, the first thing to decide is the type of camper van that best suits your travel style.    If you are going to camperize it yourself, in this blog we have an extensive step by step guide on how to camperize a van.    We invite you to take a look at it before anything else.

Mmm… That’s one of the best things about traveling by camper van…. It’s perfect to travel to any destination! Whenever you want! But if you ask us for the best routes, or the ones we recommend, now we show them to you.

The route we propose covers all Asturias, from east to west (or vice versa). In this link we leave you our account of the trip, with a detailed itinerary, so you can plan your getaway to Asturias to perfection.

Yoho national park what to see

There is something very special about traveling by van or motorhome. The autonomy, the contact with nature and the total freedom to trace the destination as the days go by are some of those great advantages. Therefore, I felt the need to compile the experience of travelers who have enjoyed this way of traveling and show the world how much fun an adventure of this kind can be. I hope you enjoy the ten routes around Europe to do in a van or motorhome that I have listed below, coming from a dozen great bloggers in the sector.

The island is a true natural paradise, perfect to discover it with the family and enjoy its incredible turquoise beaches and fine sand … but also to explore the interior and discover the traces of the various peoples who have inhabited the island, such as the Nuraghe site of Barumini, the Roman ruins of Nora or the Pisan-style Romanesque church of Santissima Trinità di Saccargia. In addition to all this, there is the delicious Italian cuisine, which ranges from pasta to fish and suckling pig, a specialty of many inland villages.  A perfect destination to travel on wheels: from cove to cove and from village to village. We can’t wait to return!”.

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