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Visit Canada with all the security offered by a complete vacation policy: unlimited medical assistance, accident coverage, unlimited repatriation, vacation cancellation and refund, civil liability… Everything you need to enjoy your vacation with total peace of mind.

Live your experience in Canada with the peace of mind of knowing that you are protected against any unforeseen event with the aforementioned coverage and many others: luggage, private liability, legal protection, sports practice, early return and travel delay, among other guarantees.

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On the other hand, a trip to Canada, with its flight and accommodation bookings, is expensive. Imagine that an unforeseen event arises before traveling and you cannot start your vacation. With a vacation policy, you can cancel your reservations and recover the cost of your trip.

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Canada is a relatively safe country, but it is advisable to take precautions with your belongings and travel documents in places where there are concentrations of people.  Tourists are not entitled to free medical care in Canada, so it is necessary to have travel insurance or medical expense insurance with coverage abroad before leaving Mexico.

The plugs that are mostly used in Canada are like the ones we use here in Mexico with two flat plugs, however in some places or areas they are of type B, which are circular and have three plugs; if you do not have an adapter, you can get one in most electronic stores or supermarkets.

Canada is an expensive destination and although it varies in some areas, you must take into account that in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, aspects such as lodging and food are the ones that will consume your budget the most, as well as the purchases you make in plazas or exclusive stores. Similarly, there are places that fit your needs and where you can find souvenirs, food stalls, clothing and more.

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Traveling is a little different these days! Before embarking on your next trip, prepare yourself by consulting the selected resource checklists below: one for pre-trip planning and one for when you’re ready to take off. Since these resources come from official government agencies, please note that we’ve compiled them in one easy-to-follow place for easy reference.

For everything you need to know to prepare for a worry-free flight to or within Canada, visit the Government of Canada website. This resource includes information on airports, requirements, vaccination tests and more.

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Book at least 1-2 months before departure to find cheaper than average prices or during the winter Black Friday. High season corresponds to January, November and December, the most suggestive months and in conjunction with the Christmas vacations. The cheapest month to fly to Canada is September, so if you book in July you should find a good price for both the flight and the return.

The simplest visa for Canada is the tourist visa. With this visa you can spend up to six months in Canada. Its processing is done online for anyone or you can ask at the tourist office in your city. You can study, travel as a tourist, visit relatives, enter and leave the country without restrictions.

The most in-demand activities in Canada during your vacation can be excursions and sightseeing tours. They reveal the fascinating natural history of an unforgettable landscape. In Jasper National Park, discover the Via Rail through the alpine valleys. There is also the Yellowhead Museum, and from here you can start with different hiking trails, such as the Skyline trail.

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