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The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has unveiled this Wednesday his mandatory vaccination plan, which will require that civil servants, as well as travelers, whether to board a plane, a train or boats, must have been inoculated before the end of the month.

The date set for all those affected by this measure to be vaccinated has been set for October 30. The Government is seeking to increase the vaccination rate, so civil servants will have to receive the immunization or will be obliged to request a medical exemption.

Along these lines, unvaccinated employees will be prevented from attending work and will be placed on administrative leave, including a salary freeze. However, they will not have to present a vaccination certificate, but will have to sign a document certifying their vaccination, although Trudeau has already warned that lying will lead to “disciplinary measures”.

“To travel, you have to be vaccinated,” Trudeau explained Wednesday to reporters in Ottawa. “When it comes to avoiding confinements for everyone, this is no time for half measures,” he added, to indicate that these measures “are some of the most powerful in the world” to ensure the safety of citizens.

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Biden has also asked governors to require vaccination of school staff. The new rules, to be implemented under occupational health legislation, would cover between 80 and 100 million people. Postal service workers, however, are not included in Biden’s order.

A number of countries, including Australia, France, England and Wales, have taken steps to make vaccination mandatory for healthcare workers, including those working in nursing homes.

This summer, France was one of the first to push for mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers. In July, Greece made immunization mandatory for nursing home staff and, from September, for healthcare workers.

France made the health pass mandatory in cafes, bars and restaurants as the country faced a new wave of coronavirus infections, and the pass is considered to have helped stem the rise.  A month after that system came into effect, there was a drop in coronavirus infections and millions of people were encouraged to get vaccinated.

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The U.S. government announced Monday that starting “in early November” it will allow travelers from the United Kingdom and the European Union (EU) who have been vaccinated with the full vaccination regimen to enter the country.

As for Mexico and Canada, the United States said it will extend the restrictions on its land borders, which prevent non-essential travel such as tourism. This new extension will be until October 21, according to Jeff Zients.

On the other hand, in the case of the new measures for entry into the United States, Zients said that the decision on the vaccines that will be accepted is made by the CDC, so it is not clear if only those approved by the FDA or others that are implemented outside the territory will be allowed.

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Please note that due to the improved epidemiological situation, these requirements were relaxed on April 1. On this day, the requirement to be tested for the virus before traveling to Canada was removed if you are vaccinated against coronavirus.

Unfortunately, we can already speak of a 7th wave of coronavirus in Canada due to new subvariants. Even so, it does not seem that local governments are going to implement any measures other than trying to keep the population vaccinated.

On the other hand, since June 20, it is no longer necessary to show the vaccination certificate to move within the country. The use of face masks is still mandatory in trains and airplanes. The need to be vaccinated to travel to Canada may soon be eliminated, but, for now, this remains the case.

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