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TIPS when traveling to HONOLULU HAWAII


At the indicated time the transfer will pick you up at your hotel to take you to Los Angeles International Airport and take the flight to Kona Island in Hawaii (direct flight). Arrival and welcome with the traditional flower necklace (Lei), transfer and accommodation.

Leaving the coffee country, enjoy the spectacular views of the coast to the Ka’u district. There, we will stop at the southernmost bakery in the United States: Punalu’u Bakery! Enjoy the freshest Portuguese donuts (malasada) or take some rainbow bread to the black sand beach at Punalu’u. This exceptionally stunning beach is home to many nesting Hawaiian seat turtles (honu) and the place where many early Polynesian explorers landed.

After lunch, explore the most exciting areas of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park – experience Kilauea Volcano up close! Feel the heat of the steam vents and enjoy the views of Kilauea’s gigantic caldera. Kailani Tours guides are National Park certified and will show you their favorite views of the volcano.


People think of Hawaii and the first thing they picture in their head is white sandy beaches, clear blue-green sea, necklaces of flowers, big waves and surf. But the truth is that very few people really know what to do in Hawaii, what there is to see in Hawaii and even less how many islands there are and what is special about each one. Here you will find all the information before traveling to Hawaii.

The state of Hawaii is made up of 4 “big” islands and two small ones. It is (almost) impossible to visit them all in less than 15 days. The ideal for a good trip to Hawaii would be 1 month to be able to explore each island with time.

There is much more to each island than a guidebook can tell you. They are full of unexplored or little known places. You need to plan your trip so that you know what to do in Hawaii and can make the most of your time on the islands.

Most people know that Hawaii is a U.S. state and that it is in the Pacific. But when I was planning my trip, I was surprised to find that it is actually in the middle of the ocean.  In the middle of nowhere. It is located about the same distance from Japan as it is from the United States.

Hawaii Vacation! – Part 1

Said and done: I organized a vibrant roadtrip for their honeymoon in Canada and Hawaii. I proposed them to drive their own car so they could enjoy the incredible and wild landscapes at their own pace and enjoy the romance and freedom of a roadtrip.

They continued the route along the road called “Icefields”, the road that connects both parks and is part of the largest ice field south of the Arctic Circle. Here S&T took an unforgettable ride on the Ice Explorer, an experience I recommend 100%.

Through valleys and prairies they continued their journey to British Columbia, whose main city is the beautiful Vancouver, considered one of the best cities in the world to live in. The possibilities we had there to organize nature activities for them were many: sailing on its rivers and lakes, hiking in its forests, watching the wildlife of the area and visiting the famous Capilano Suspension Bridge.

The islands of Oahu and Maui are two spectacular islands that I always recommend to couples who want to discover Hawaii on their honeymoon. They are two multicultural paradises, wild and full of stories where you will find the oasis of intimacy and relaxation that any newlywed couple needs.


Meeting at Mexico City Airport to take the flight to Honolulu, arrival, reception at the airport with the traditional flower necklace (Lei) and transfer to the Hotel (approx 30 min). Overnight.

Free day for a visit (OPTIONAL) to the unique Polynesian cultural center, located on the beautiful north shore of Oahu.    Place where you will have the opportunity to learn more about this culture; its history, art, dances, construction, clothing, typical food represented in its original form by natives of each of the islands that make up the Polynesian triangle. Lodging.

At the indicated time, transfer to Honolulu Airport to take the flight to Maui. Arrival and welcome with the traditional flower necklace (Lei), transfer to your hotel (approx 30 min) and accommodation.

Enjoy a delicious continental breakfast while your boat is underway and keep an eye out for acrobatic dolphins and Maui bottlenose dolphins, which love to ride in the wake of the boats. Once you arrive at Molokini, your instructor will show you how to use your equipment and go over some essential safety points before it’s time to get in the water.

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