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Nothing beats the romance, relaxation and sheer luxury of a Canadian train tour. Our excellent train vacations in Canada offer a wide range of independent train vacations from 2 to 22 days with the famous VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains.

If you’d like to take a train trip across Canada, the first thing you’ll need to do is purchase a VIA Rail Canada Pass. The Pass works in a similar way to Interrail, first you choose the number of days you want to be traveling (15, 30, 60…) and once you have decided, you can choose the pass to take unlimited trains in that period of time. You can buy your VIA Rail Pass from any major city in Canada and plan train routes through the Rockies, Vancoucer, Quebec and the great route that we come to talk about today which is none other than “The Great western way”. This train route is an incredible experience that will take you from Toronto to Vancouver crossing the whole country. Best of all, VIA Rail offers a wide range of berths and dormitories so you can rest easy at night and make the most of the next day.

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VIA named this service The Canadian in memory of the famous Canadian Pacific train that ran between 1955 and 1978, which lasted almost 87 hours between Toronto and Vancouver, forcing travelers to spend four nights on the train.

International flights.Visas / Letters of invitation.Accommodations in individual accommodation.Drinks in general and during meals, except in ‘All Inclusive’ regime.Optional activities.Optional complementary insurances.Possible local taxes or fees.Cancellation expenses.Tips and personal expenses.Any other item not indicated in the ‘Included Services’ section.

In accordance with current legislation, information is provided on the possibility of taking out optional insurance to cover the costs of cancellation by the traveler, or an assistance contract to cover the costs of accident, illness or death, and repatriation to the place of origin.if you are going to visit several countries during your trip, check that the insurance has coverage in all of them, even in stopovers and short stays.

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But what would happen if you could mix a car ride on board a train? It may sound illogical, but this is what Jeff Friesen has achieved, thanks to his imagination and his great photography technique, he presents us with a series of photographs aboard a retro toy train, yes, a mind-blowing experience.

Jeff is a prestigious photographer who has worked for publications such as American Photo, Popular Photography, Photo District News, Canadian Geographic and National Geographic Adventure, as well as Wired, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed and many more. He has also participated in a large number of contests and has won several awards.

A few weeks ago he presented a photographic project that took months to complete, which is called “Ghost Train Crossing Canada”, where he undertook a train ride across Canada, the funny thing is that this time Jeff was carrying the train and not the other way around.

It is 30 fantastic photos where Jeff perfectly placed a miniature version of the classic train ‘The Canadian’ of 1955, a train just 5 centimeters high on a track only two centimeters wide. Jeff’s idea was to portray the wonderful Canadian landscapes as if the train was actually traveling through them, achieving fantastic sceneries, taken from the imagination and that are simply impossible in reality.

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Breakfast. This day will be dedicated to visit the most famous lakes in Canada. We will start with the beautiful Moraine Lake (June to September) framed by the Valley of the Ten Peaks in Banff National Park. We will continue to the most famous site in the park, Lake Louise, from where we will observe the Victoria Glacier, considered among the most scenic sites in the world. This image will be forever etched in your memory. Before returning to Banff, we will stop at Emerald Lake, which will captivate us with its intense color. Lodging.

Citizens of countries that do not require a visa to enter Canada, with the exception of the United States, will need to obtain an AVE before flying to Canada, see for a list of countries. Travelers do not need an AVE when entering Canada by land or sea.

– Canadian permanent residents will not need an AVE to fly to Canada but, as is currently the case, they must travel with their Canadian permanent resident card. Otherwise they will not be able to take their flight to Canada.- U.S. permanent residents will need an AVE to fly to Canada (as well as their U.S. green card). They will not need an AVE if they enter Canada by land or sea.- Students and temporary workers from AVE-required countries who obtain a study or work permit before August 1, 2015 and intend to travel from Canada and return to Canada by air will need an AVE.

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