Can you travel to canada after a dui

If I have offenses, can I register my forgiveness for the punishment of


In March 2013, during the inauguration of the center at the consulate of El Salvador in Montreal, the then president of the RNPN, Fernando Batle, said: “if you want it, if you organize and support it, (the DUI) is here to stay. This is not like a circus in our towns that arrives, puts up the tent and leaves after the party”. However, the show ends this November 14.

“They have taken into account the financial part, it was something they had to have foreseen, our immigration in Canada is not like in the United States. Here it (the Dui) cannot be used for anything, in the United States it is a valid document for the Police, to process a license or to open bank accounts”, said the person in charge of the center, Mario Leiva.

The Citizens’ Committee in Montreal has already expressed its concern about the matter in a letter addressed this week to the president of the RNPN, María Velado. While the Consul General of El Salvador, Veronica Pichinte, assures that efforts are being made at the highest level in an attempt to reverse the decision.

Deportations and Return to Canada

Applying for a waiver depends on the cause of the problem and whether you are seeking a non-immigrant visa, such as a tourist visa, or an immigrant visa for a green card.

Also, keep in mind that some grounds of inadmissibility, such as those related to national security or serious crimes, are extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible to obtain.

Do not confuse when a visa is refused for a ground of inadmissibility with when it is refused because the applicant is ineligible (20 grounds). For example, when a tourist visa is not approved because the applicant does not demonstrate family and/or economic ties to the country in which he/she resides. This is not a ground of inadmissibility and, therefore, the solution is not to ask for a waiver.

In this case it would be presented to the American consulate or embassy where the visa is requested. And from there it is sent to the United States to an office known as ARO, who are in charge of deciding. Example: waiver to obtain a nonimmigrant visa when the problem is 212(a)(6)(c)(i) fraud.

If I am undocumented, can I travel within the United States?

Whether you reside here with a green card or without documentation, driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense with the possibility of deportation. Although some cases do not result in serious immigration consequences, when convicted, these incidences often stall or completely halt the naturalization process.

If you are an undocumented immigrant and are arrested for a DUI, it is fairly certain that someone will notify immigration authorities to transfer you to an immigration detention center. These are the cases that often result in deportation, therefore, it is highly recommended to hire an immigration attorney who is familiar with immigration law, as well as criminal defense.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) does not specifically consider a DUI to be a deportable offense, however, some cases involve more than just drunk driving. The term itself, “under the influence” seems self-explanatory, although it is an overly broad term and subject to interpretation upon review of a case.

Options to obtain a Canadian visa after

If your eTA visa application process for Canada is denied, you will not be able to travel to Canada by air. This type of travel permit is required to go through the immigration process, and you will even be asked for it before boarding your flight.

You may apply for your eTA Canada as many times as necessary until you are approved. However, each time you apply you will have to make a new online payment to start the process. Therefore, when you reapply for your travel permit, you must be aware of the reasons why it was rejected and correct any information or problem that may have caused the denial.

Through this service, all your data will be collected and carefully reviewed prior to any application, and in case your application is denied, you will have exact information of the problem you need to correct.

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