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Niagara falls


There are countries and places that make you fall in love as soon as you arrive to them, and in my first visit to Canada that happened, I fell in love with its cities, modern like Toronto or classic like Quebec, with its natural spaces, like Niagara Falls and the Great Lakes, with its lifestyle, a mix between European and American, and I also fell in love with its people, who have built a truly multicultural country open to the World.

I was expecting the second largest country in the world, with almost 10 million square kilometers and a population density of 3 people per square kilometer, almost all living in the south of the country because of the harsh weather conditions in winter.

As a fan of trains, especially the mythical routes such as the Trans-Siberian, the Orient Express, the Train to the Clouds in Argentina, the Indian Pacific from Sydney to Perth, the toy train from Calcutta to Darjeeling, and, of course, the Canadian, from Toronto to Vancouver, as soon as I could I got on a train in Canada to make the journey between Quebec and Toronto, stopping in Montreal, a route called the Corridor.


The best time to travel to Canada depends a lot on the regions to which you are going to travel since being such a large country the regional climatic differences are very large. In general the summer months, from June to September, are considered the best time to travel to the country. In the northern areas of Canada the best months are June and August and this is a top destination mainly for outdoor enthusiasts.

In winter in Canada you can expect cold weather especially in northern and mid-state British Columbia where temperatures are quite low at this time. The thermometer quickly drops to -30°C so many outdoor attractions and activities are cancelled at this time due to heavy snowfall. However, it is the best time for winter sports such as skiing and polar bear viewing, especially in the province of Manitoba (mid-October to November). The ski season runs from November to March, in addition to skiing you can take advantage of this time to try the famous Champagne powder snow on the slopes of Canada.

Itinerary for travel to canada

As nature lovers, one of the most incredible and complete trips we have made to date has undoubtedly been the route through Canada that we did by car last summer. What a high! Yes, what you read. And the fact is that, following the trail of the most incredible landscapes of the entire west coast of Canada, the trip ended up becoming a “visual binge”, which fortunately or unfortunately, ended in a binge and whose “hangover” lasts to this day without finding a way to end it.

So, if you are looking forward to a trip like this in Canada, take a look at the trip we made that unforgettable summer and grab a pen and paper because all these places and many more things were the protagonists of the itinerary through Canada that we followed for 12 amazing days very difficult to forget that surely will also be for you. So, hold on, here we go!

In total, 10 days of driving along the west coast of Canada visiting Vancouver, Whistler, the Lake Louise area, the Parkway Icefields, Jasper, Banff and Calgary, from where we flew to the east of the country to spend a couple of days in Toronto and Niagara Falls.


Canada is a land of forests, waterfalls, lakes and glaciers. It is a country with cities that impact its visitors, from the elegance and class of Quebec, to the vanguard of Toronto. A place of natural sanctuaries that will make your vacation a very special trip. Get to know the available offers we have in cheap tour packages to Canada, and travel to this destination that you can not miss.

Spend days of peace and tranquility in Banff National Park, visit the museums of Ottawa, go shopping in Toronto, and taste the French-Canadian delicacy of Quebec, the poutine.  Wherever you go, this northern country will never cease to surprise you, giving you unparalleled natural landscapes, quiet afternoons, and tours full of surprises.

Get to know the Canadian east side, with the amazing Niagara Falls, the Saguenay-Saint Laurent Marine National Park, the Ottawa Parliament, the Quartier Petit Champlain in Quebec or the St. Laurence market in Toronto.

Or, exploit Western Canada by venturing into Banff, Yoho and Jasper parks in the heart of the Rockies, walk Vancouver’s pedestrian suspension bridge, or attend a rodeo in Calgary. No matter what you decide, Canada has something for all tastes and ages, and with our organized tours, you can experience the best destinations in the country.

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