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Health insurance for people over 70 years of age


Purpose : INF visitor medical insurance provides coverage for pre-existing conditions, medical expenses, loss of checked baggage, medical emergencies and accidents incurred while traveling.

INF insurance will not cover visitors to the U.S. if they are already ill, if a traveler is already in the hospital, expecting to use the insurance, if travelers have scheduled medical procedures, or if travelers are seeking ongoing treatment. If a visitor proceeds to do any of the above, it may result in cancellation of coverage, full refund of the amount paid and all claims denied.

In addition, we do not cover anyone who is already ill or showing symptoms, or who plans to see a doctor in the immediate future. As you know, the situation is developing on a daily basis and is constantly changing. If Travelers are interested in enrolling, we recommend that they enroll immediately.

Includes treatment for ongoing illnesses, derivatives/complications of that illness, medical devices to manage chronic conditions, or maintenance medications for pre-existing conditions such as Lipitor or Amlodipine.

Free tickets for seniors over 70 years old

In case of illness, our Scotia Travel Insurance gives you the peace of mind you need to travel. We invite you to know all the details of your Scotia Travel Insurance, enjoy your trip without worries.

Scotia Travel Insurance is an insurance product that allows the user to travel protected and carefree in order to enjoy it. It is an international travel insurance that offers assistance and coverage throughout the world so that travel does not prevent the user from enjoying the best travel assistance and protection.

Travel calm and protected with the coverage offered by your Scotia Travel Insurance. At Scotiabank we take care of keeping your health and luggage insured so you can keep moving without worries.

Scotia Travel Insurance offers you complete coverage. When you purchase travel assistance insurance, you will be insured not only with travel medical insurance, you will also have insurance for your luggage, for delays or loss, insurance for mobile devices, and if you are one of those who like to practice sports, the insurance also covers medical assistance for sports. Get to know all the categories of your Scotia Travel Insurance:

Trips for people over 80 years of age

In case of interruption of a trip already started (for reasons such as accident or illness, hospitalization, dismissal from work…) the expenses corresponding to the days not enjoyed will be reimbursed up to a maximum of 600€.

The insurance comes into effect on the date established in the contract and once you have signed the policy and paid the premium. This date can never be later than the beginning of the trip. Therefore, we are sorry but you cannot take out travel insurance if you have already started your trip.

Our international travel insurance also covers the return due to hospitalization of a family member, transportation of mortal remains or loss or theft of passport during the trip abroad, for example.

Remember that this guarantee is only valid if at least 72 hours pass between the contracting of the policy and the event that causes the cancellation of the trip. What causes of cancellation are covered by this travel guarantee? There are 7 cases:

They are those that allow the user to access the service with some general characteristics predefined according to a series of criteria in the user’s terminal such as, for example, the language.

Assist card for seniors over 75 years of age

Travel Assistance: Protection in case of emergencies outside the place of residence, such as assistance for lodging due to convalescence, post-hospital transfer, repatriation of remains due to death, among others. In addition to receiving information on travel, purchase and/or reservation management for events, assistance in case of loss of documents and more.

Médica Móvil: Out-of-hospital emergency medical care, transfer to the hospital in intensive care units and home consultations in the cities where Médica Móvil offers its services, in addition to free national telephone medical guidance.

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