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hi guys, here’s my question. i’ve decided to move to germany and i’m facing the situation we all know regarding our money. as it is allowed to carry up to a maximum of 10 lucas verdes (or the equivalent) i was thinking about this possibility. now what happens is that i have no idea if it is possible to sell argentine pesos and buy euros in germany. has anyone done this? do you know if it is possible and if the exchange rate is the official?

It is not a great solution either, because it only allows you to make withdrawals (cash advances) for a total of 10% or 20% of your maximum authorized limit, but you are debited here at the official exchange rate, plus the usual 15% … and it is still convenient.

If you are going to live here for a long time, I would take as much blue as I can. And if you can’t take it all with you, leave the pesos in your bank and use your credit card, then pay it with home banking. I’m going for a month and I plan to pay even for my chewing gum with a credit card. Have a good trip and good luck: Germany is a beautiful country to live in.

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Why are some credit cards accepted at certain establishments and not others? When it comes down to it, a lot has to do with the fees the merchant must pay to the card issuers or payment networks.

In addition to the cards listed below, affiliates Walmart and Sam’s Club each accept their own closed process card, with the added advantage that Sam’s Club also accepts the Walmart credit card. While Costco’s card acceptance is limited, it includes the Costco Anywhere Visa® card from Citi. Here are the other cards accepted by each wholesale store.

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