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All Europe is entering the spring heat so it is a good time to visit almost any country. If you prefer you can also visit Jordan as it has warm weather and no rainfall. The Caribbean is already ending its high season although you can go before the rainy season starts. This month is not the best month to travel to Asia, it is its low season, with the exception of Japan or parts of China. India starts its monsoon season and so does Sri Lanka.

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The best time to go to Canada will depend on the area where we are going to travel and also on what we want to do. For example, although summer is generally the best time, if we want to see northern lights or practice winter sports, we will have to travel during the winter.

Spring is also a fairly acceptable time, although sometimes it is a bit cold, especially in the interior. If we go to Canada, the first thing we have to keep in mind is that it is a super big country.

The best time to travel to Vancouver is from May to September. At this time there is less rainfall and temperatures are higher. However, Vancouver is never particularly hot. Highs do not usually exceed 20 degrees and lows, softened by the influence of the Pacific Ocean, exceed 10 degrees.

Likewise, there is a little more rain in March and November, although from October to April the rains are quite abundant as an average of 20 rainy days per month, while in summer we will have between 8 and 10.

Indian climate wikipedia

As we will see in this article, the time required to obtain an Indian visa will vary depending on the type of application you make. Indeed, you still have the possibility to apply for a classic visa by going to an embassy or to benefit from a simplified online application with the e-visa.

The first method of applying for a visa to India is neither the easiest nor the fastest, but it is still available. If you decide to apply for a visa at the consulate, you should expect a processing time of between 4 and 10 days.

It should also be noted that the above time frames are merely indicative and may vary more or less significantly over time. In addition, these deadlines only refer to the tourist visa and not to the other types of visas.

Another popular way to apply for a visa for travel to India is through the e-visa. This is a simplified procedure that is done 100% online through a portal authorized by the Indian authorities such as the one we recommend on our website.

Indian winter

October to March is the main travel season for visiting India. Within this frame, December and January is absolutely the peak time. So if you want to avoid hordes of tourists and still enjoy good weather October/November or February/March is the best time to visit.

The Kerala and Goa regions will have heavy rains, making it difficult to get out and see the area. The advantage of traveling here during the monsoon is that you can get some great deals on luxury hotels and boutique properties during this season.

The northern regions are more arid and dry, so it is easier to travel here during this season. In general, it is still considered off-season so hotels offer discounts and the sights are not crowded with tourists. The weather is also delightfully cool.

If you are looking to travel from June to September, we recommend that you should go to North India (or face a rain soaked but serenely green and beautiful South India).

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