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The best time to travel to Canada depends a lot on the regions to which you are going to travel since being such a large country the regional climatic differences are very large. In general the summer months, from June to September, are considered the best time to travel to the country. In the northern areas of Canada the best months are June and August and this is a top destination mainly for outdoor enthusiasts.

In winter in Canada you can expect cold weather especially in northern and mid-state British Columbia where temperatures are quite low at this time. The thermometer quickly drops to -30°C so many outdoor attractions and activities are cancelled at this time due to heavy snowfall. However, it is the best time for winter sports such as skiing and polar bear viewing, especially in the province of Manitoba (mid-October to November). The ski season runs from November to March, in addition to skiing you can take advantage of this time to try the famous Champagne powder snow on the slopes of Canada.

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Because most of the country’s lakes are surrounded by national parks, it becomes the picture of a lifetime to see the peaceful lakes set amidst red and yellow maples, reflecting the red forests in their calm waters.

Several other attractions are present along the route, including Whirlpool Rapids, which are the natural whirlpools created within the Niagara River along the Canada-U.S. border, and other historic attractions in Ontario, which include Brock Monument located in Queenston Heights Park, a landscaped urban park above the town of Queenston.

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Best time to travel: July and AugustGood travel weather: all months except March, April, May and NovemberMore details: AlbertaOntario Climate -8 °C to 27 °C 46 – 84 mm (9 – 15 rainy days)

The North American state of Canada lies between the Atlantic and the Pacific, with the Arctic Ocean border to the north. In the south of Canada lies the United States of America. There is another (maritime) border with the Danish autonomous area of Greenland.

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. About 36 million people live in an area of almost 10 million square kilometers. The result is a population density of only about 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometer. The country’s capital is Ottawa in the southeast.

The north-south extent is 4,634 kilometers at its largest point. The largest of Canada’s many islands is Baffin Island, which has an area of 507,451 square kilometers and is the fifth largest island in the world.

Best time to go to canada

The best time to travel to Canada depends on the place where we want to go, because its immense geography, as well as the variety of its relief and ecology, make it have a great variety of climates. One thing is certain throughout the country, winters are very harsh, with snow for up to six months in the northern regions.

As we have already mentioned, to decide when to travel to Canada, you must first determine the area or region to visit. The average temperature in both winter and summer varies depending on the region.

To visit the north of this immense and beautiful country, the summer months are the most suitable. June, July and August are the best time to travel to Canada if you want to travel to the cold northern lands. Keep in mind that the average temperature here is -20ºC, dropping below -40ºC in winter. Hudson Bay, for example, is covered with ice for nine months, so you can get an idea of the polar climate of the area.

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