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It is an insurance that offers protection for your trip in case of eventualities such as loss of luggage, medical expenses due to accident or illness, dental emergencies, flight cancellations or delays, unlimited telephone assistance, among others.

(2) Only one transfer in case of medical emergency to the nearest hospital or health center for the insured to receive adequate medical attention and one repatriation or return of the insured to the chosen destination is covered, with a limit of the insured amount established on the title page of the policy.

What is the best debit card for travel to europe?

This is a new free alternative when it comes to managing our money both at home and when we travel. Its main advantage for travelers like us is that it allows us to have from 40 to more than 100 currencies in the same app/card. That is, we can have Dollars, Pounds or whatever currency we need loaded on our card.

A good alternative, especially for purchases, since withdrawals at ATMs outside the EUROZONE are charged a 1.7% commission (which is not bad anyway). In Europe they have more than 3 million customers!

A start-up that offers us as an advantage the possibility of organizing groups and thus be able to have the costs of a trip well divided among all members of the group. The physical card is completely free and if you activate it with the following code you get 5 euros for free!

Curve has a different and complementary concept to other cards in the post. Curve offers us an application that includes a smart card to link all our cards of any entity (allows up to 100) and manage all of them directly from the Curve app.

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As with the United States, Japan or New Zealand, this destination is known to be synonymous with huge expenses in terms of health care. Therefore, it is essential to have insurance to travel to Canada at the height that will ensure protection against any incident that may occur.

There are countries where having an international medical policy is considered highly advisable but there are also others, such as Canada, where it is considered essential. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes this clear on its page about the country:

“It is essential to be the holder of a medical insurance that covers as large expenses as possible (health care, accidents, repatriation), because health care to non-residents is not free, even in cases of great urgency, but on the contrary can become really very expensive.”

But, in addition to health issues, your travel insurance for Canada also covers you in other situations that can occur in an adventure like this. Problems with your luggage, robbery with violence, problems with your flights… Your international travel policy can even, as you will see below, help you get your money back if you are unable to travel.

Debit card for use abroad

Always, during our trips, we ask other travelers what travel insurance they use. Some of them tell us that they have their Visa card insurance, that they don’t need to take out any, but… What does the Visa card travel insurance cover?

All these coverages and this level of service you are going to find in the different travel insurances of IATI Seguros, which are contracted comfortably online in 4 simple steps.  Broadly speaking, these are our options:

You know, whether you break a leg, have appendicitis, a heart attack or your flight leaves you stranded at the airport, we are always there to help you. Because there is nothing like traveling with peace of mind to enjoy your trip, we recommend you to do it insured with us.

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