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We want to make the best out of any vacation.  Having an Indian vacation would mean that you would have numerous places to visit. Planning is essential to make sure that all members of the vacationing crowd would have fun.  This would also save you time from wasting any time of figuring out where you would have to go.  Therefore, to make sure that you would be able to have the best experience, it would be important for you to consider what place to go.

There are many places to go to in India, wide variety of places to visit can help you entertain.  It is important to factor the length of time you will be spending in India, if you will be staying in India for a long time, then you can visit different regions, since each region in India seems to offer great sights.  It you would be spending just a short time in the country, then it would be best to pick just the wonderful sights first.

Breezy Beaches and Waterways


Goa is one of the most popular beaches in India.  It started to become a tourist spot in 1970s and continued to be until now.  There are already commercialized Goa beaches that you could chose from, depending on the vacation you are having.  Other great beaches can be found in Karnataka and in Kerala, although they are less developed but their beauty can equal that of Goa beaches.   Andaman beaches also have great white, sandy shores and sparkling blue waters.

Aside from beaches, there are also backwaters which are great places to have a romantic boat rides.  Aside from that, there are also forts which can be visited in the Sindhudurg region.    There are different activities that can be done like windsurfing, dinghy sailing, scuba diving and water skiing.

Desert Heat

India is known for its vast Thar Desert or the Great Indian Desert where tourists will get to see forts, palaces and mansions.  This could be a great place for heritage and culture tours, there are many old mansions called havelis which are converted into palace hotels where you could stay in.

In the desert, you can also experience camel safaris and camel fairs which has become popular not only with the foreigners but with the Indian middle and upper class.  Camel treks in the Thar desert would help you have an opportunity to experience the beautiful ecosystem of the desert.  The forts and cities in the middle of the desert are also great places for romantic vacations and shopping for traditional items.  The Rajasthan region, where the Thar desert is, can also be viewed through a hot air balloon flight.


India has diverse geography, there are numerous places to visit.  Different eco activities would include mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking, nature walking, wildlife viewing and river rafting.  If you visit Kerala, aside fro the beautiful backwaters and beaches, you would also see great hill locations.  If you go to the Northern part of India then you will be able to see the placid lakes, forests and stunning snow-capped mountains.

Travel Back in Time

Aside from its diverse geographical sites, India also has distinct and rich history, and this is manifested in its culture, architecture, monuments, buildings and other historical sites in India.

Tops historical sites in India would of course, include the magnificent Taj Mahal in the banks of the Yamuna River.  Another top historical site would be in Hampi where one would experience the ruins that dates back as early as 14th century.   The Ajanta and Ellora caves are rich with paintings and sculpture which are created between 6th and 11th century.

The Fatehpur Sikri was just like Hampi, it used to be capital of the an Indian Empire.  But the Fatehpur Sikri was abandoned and is now a ghost town. But  one can surely appreciate the capital and its medieval feel.  The Khajuraho Temples in India is among the most popular temples.  There are 20 temples in here dedicated to sex and sexuality.  The temples are intricately designed with the carvings.

There are too many places to visit in your Indian vacation. You could realize that time is so short that you would have to make the best out of each minute. Some tourists would say they could never get everything out from India in just one visit, which is why they return for more.

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