Things to Do in Udaipur

Things to Do in Udaipur that’d give you Glimpses of Royal Lifestyle of the Bygone Era!


Udaipur, the ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan’ is blessed with lakes, palaces, gardens, forts and is a perfect blend of history and nature. It’s also called as the ‘Venice of the east’ as the city is dotted with lakes that provide a perennial water supply to the city as well keeps the city cool from the scorching summer sun. Udaipur not only siphons tourists from around the world but also droves of migratory birds that come here for a leisurely visit!

There are many things to do in Udaipur but the leisure options are distinctly different from that of the cities. Forget about discos and parties or pubs once you reach Udaipur but instead get ready for glimpses of royal lifestyle!

Some things that should be a part of your travel itinerary and that you should never miss doing in Jaipur are:

Fateh Sagar Lake: If you are a nature buff or if bird watching is your hobby, then visit the beautiful garden near this lake. The sunsets are enchanting and if it’s a honeymoon trip with your beloved holding hands, then it’s a scene that will be etched in your memory! You can also see unique migratory birds that are simply fascinating.

Saheliyon Ki Badi: This name literally means ‘Garden of the Maids’ and as we have read and seen in Amar Chitra Katha comics, this garden has fountains, lotus pool and even marble elephants! The sweet music that comes from the mingling of the sounds of the different water channels is soothing to the ears and compliments the place. Folklore says that this garden was built for 48 young maids who accompanied a princess as a part of her dowry!

City Palace and Museum: It’s a great chance to spend a whole day amidst the relics of the bygone era, and to know details of the royal lifestyle. You can get yourself booked with one of the tour packages, so that you can visit the numerous palaces, forts and museums. Don’t miss Crystal Gallery; a spectacular sight of beds and sofas made in crystals is waiting for you!

Horseback Riding: A really different experience that you cannot for sure enjoy in metro cities! There are various operators with good trainers who organize trail rides for groups as well as for individuals. You can book it for 2hrs, 4hrs or full day and they take you through the villages on the base of Aravalli Mountains and also arrange accommodation in Swiss tents. It’s a heavenly experience to stay out in the open and these tents are comfortable with attached bathroom, AC and a private terrace. It sure can be called as luxury in the wilderness!

Ropeway in Udaipur: No issue even if you are not spiritually inclined …make a visit to Karni Mata Temple, which gives you a ropeway ride of 500m from Doodh Talai Garden to Ropeway Junction , which is on the adjacent hill. You can also enjoy a sumptuous meal as there is a multi-cuisine restaurant atop the hill! So this ropeway ride is a feast for your eyes and stomach and also satiates the soul by the blissful ambience in the temple!

Puppet Show: It’s an inseparable and irresistible recreation option of Udaipur and it’s very captivating. Puppet shows are arranged in hotels too to entertain their esteemed guests. In case your hotel does not have it, you can go to Bharatiya Lok Kala Museum as they have shows every evening. Children and elders can have a gala time as these puppets are very cute with innocent faces, dazzling jewelry and colorful dresses of Rajasthan.

Hotels in Udaipur are dime a dozen and there is no cause for concern if you are a luxury lover or a budget traveler. Palatial abodes promising lavish luxuries and with five star tags are The Leela Palace-Udaipur, Inder Residency, Fateh Prakash Palace, Devi Garh, etc. The budget hotels that do not make a hole in your wallets are Anjani Hotel, Barmer House, Amantra Comfort Hotel, and so on. Pack your bags and get set for a royal holiday in Udaipur!

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