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On this page you will find information about the weather and the best time to visit Singapore. We create climate charts and graphs for Singapore locations. These contain details about temperatures, rainfall and more.In addition, we analyze all climate data and give you a recommendation about the best months to visit Singapore during your vacation.Climate Overview 23 °C to 32 °C 27 °C to 29 °C 140 – 304 mm

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Singapore meets the region’s most important sea route to the west, the so-called Straits of Malacca, and is connected to mainland Malaysia via the Johor-Singapore causeway, a man-made dam and the Second Link Bridge.

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Are you thinking about visiting Singapore but you don’t know in which season to travel? Don’t worry, in this article I am going to tell you about the four seasons and also the places you can go. Follow this guide that is prepared for you, before continuing I would like you to take into account our advice to have an Internet plan, when you arrive to this country stay connected for whatever you need.  Make the most of it!

It is one of the most beautiful seasons, a cool climate that will help you to go for walks without feeling suffocated. For this season temperatures vary, for example, it goes from 22º C to 31º C. There are many places and things you can do as I will tell you.

The statue of the Merlion: It is one of the most important statues and also represents the city. It is located at the mouth of the Singapore River. If you get to this place take the opportunity to take pictures.

The Museum of Art and Science: In this museum you will be able to see many works of art such as those created by Leonardo Da Vinci. The curious thing about this museum is that it is shaped like a lotus flower.

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very hotfeb.mar.apr.may.jun.jul.aug.sept.oct.nov.dec.now24 %24 %24 %9 %9 %9 %9 %cloudyprecipitation: 248 mmprecipitation: 248 mm110 mm110 mm110 mmbohot: 100 %hot: 100 %100 %100 %100 %100 %beach/pool score: 5.9beach/pool score:

Average maximum and minimum temperature in SingaporewarmJan.Feb.Mar.Apr.May.Jun.Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.-20 °C-20 °C-15 °C-15 °C-10 °C-10 °C-5 °C-5 °C0 °C0 °C5 °C5 °C5 °C10 °C10 °C10 °C15 °C15 °C20 °C20 °C20 °C25 °C25 °C30 °C30 °C35 °C35 °C35 °C40 °C40 °C40 °C11 Jan.30 °C11 Jan.30 °C15 Apr.32 °C15 Apr.32 °C15 Apr.32 °C25 °C25 °C26 °C26 °C26 °C28 Feb.31 °C28 Feb.31 °C15 Jun.31 °C15 Jun.31 °C3 Dec.30 °C3 Dec.30 °C25 °C25 °C25 °C26 °C26 °C26 °C26 °C25 °C25 °CAhoraAhorahora

The maximum temperature (red line) and minimum temperature (blue line) daily mean with the 25th to 75th, and 10th to 90th percentile bands. The dotted thin lines are the corresponding average perceived temperatures.

Cloudiness categories in Singaporeclearermore cloudymore cloudyJan.Feb.Mar.Apr.May.Jun.Jul.Aug.Sep.Oct.Nov.Dec.0 %100 %10 %90 %20 %80 %30 %70 %40 %60 %60 %50 %50 %50 %60 %40 %40 %70 %70 %30 %80 %20 %90 %10 %100 %0 %4 Mar.24  %4 Mar.24 %4 Dec.9 %4 Dec.9 %4 Dec.9 %10 Jan.16 %10 Jan.16 %10 Jan.16 %15 Apr.17 %15 Apr.17 %15 Apr.17 %NowPartly CloudyMostly CloudyMostly CloudyMostly Clear

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Although there is so much drought there are also many fires and the smoke coming from the fires in Sumatra will not let you enjoy the scenery between the months of May and September and will spoil the quality of the air you breathe so we recommend that you avoid traveling between the months of May and August and opt more for the months of September and October as the weather is much warmer and there is less likelihood of rain.

Regardless of the month you have chosen for your trip, it is always recommended to start the day very early if you want to avoid large accumulations of people and high temperatures in the early afternoon.

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