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Having the privilege of watching the sunrise at the top of Borobudur Temple next to one of its stupas was, without a doubt, one of the top experiences of their trip and a must that I always recommend to include in this destination. Just as my recommendation to get up early to climb Mount Bromo and watch another epic sunrise was totally worth it.

Afterwards, M&C continued their journey with a sail to the Komodo Islands, inhabited by prehistoric dragons. Three days of island-hopping adventures, magnificent diving in one of the world’s richest seabeds, swimming with manta rays and witnessing some of the world’s most beautiful sunsets awaited them.

This exclusive reserve is reached by a short private seaplane flight from Singapore, so we took the opportunity to make a brief stopover for M&C to discover this beautiful city-state, whose rich Asian heritage blends with contemporary modernity to create one of the most prosperous countries in the world. There, we organized a dinner in one of its most emblematic restaurants. The next day, M&C headed to the Bawah Marine Reserve, a virtually untouched paradise composed of six islands, three crystal clear lagoons and thirteen white sandy beaches, for only 70 guests. There they stayed in an idyllic, eco-luxury overwater villa where they enjoyed the true concept of “barefoot luxury” in all its splendor.

You can travel to singapore without a visa

The big question you will ask yourself when organizing a trip to Singapore. As always, it will depend on the days you have available, but we believe that two days is the minimum you need to enjoy this city-state.

A basic in every trip, and one of the essential tips for traveling to Singapore. We tell you from experience, we have used it a lot of times, and the tranquility that gives you not having to look for your life if something happens, that the doctor comes to your hotel or tell you the nearest clinic and even that you don’t have to worry about the medicines, as my grandmother used to say (who understood a lot about remember phrases) “is not paid with money”.

And as there are a lot of them, if you do not know which one to choose, we leave you the one we use, which from experience we know works great: its name is IATI. In addition, they give you a 5% discount for taking out international travel insurance.

One of the best options to have internet in Singapore. You receive the card at home before leaving on your trip, and once at your destination you will have unlimited 4G data just by inserting the SIM card in your mobile and activating data roaming.  It connects quickly.

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– Because it is a very interesting combination of destinations: Singapore , without a doubt, is still in fashion. The capital of Malaysia remains a must in Southeast Asia. Both for its mix of cultures so characteristic, as for its famous Petronas towers, its local markets. It alternates modernity with tradition.  And what to say of Bali, a place that we associate to one of the paradises of the earth. With nature, beautiful beaches and tranquility. An area that is a safe value in terms of rest and peace.

– Good accommodations:  Both locations have a fairly wide range of hotels. Perhaps in Singapore it is more important to be well located in the zones to visit, but in Bali the thing is complicated a little more. Here you have to choose between different zones of beach. If you do not have very clear the one that more fits you, we can help you.

Visa for Singapore for Peruvians

In turn, the Asian airline has recently launched a new flight promotion to Denpasar (Bali), with the option to travel to the Indonesian city from 576 euros in economy class, round trip with taxes included. With departures from Barcelona, Madrid or Lisbon, passengers can also fly business class from 2,499 euros.

For Singapore Airlines’ managing director in Indonesia, Alvin Seah, the resumption of daily flights to Bali is part of SIA’s long-term commitment to grow Indonesia’s tourism industry.

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