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Hong Kong is located on the southern coast of the South China Sea, in the Pearl River Delta, next to the cities of Guangzhou and Macau and consists of a peninsula and several islands. It is the most influential city in Southeast Asia, and one of the most densely populated regions in the world, with 7 million inhabitants in 1000 Km2. Let yourself get lost among its buildings, observe its skyline that leaves in the background cities like New York, or climb the hill from where you can see the whole city. Enjoy its leisure proposals and its nightlife.

Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao – Batista Viajes

15 days trip to Indonesia with Hong Kong and Singapore Strengths: Itinerary Summary Itinerary SummaryWe are Flexible. You can customize this trip and adapt it to your needs.Trip Price4.165 € /PersonPrivate Trip for two peopleWe are Flexible. You can customize this trip and adapt it to your needs. Download pdf A 15-day trip that starts in a city full of contrasts where there is no room for boredom. We leave you two days to discover Hong Kong, the most fashionable Asian city. From Hong Kong you will take a flight to the island of Bali where we will show you the most beautiful places of the island. Bali is a paradise of tradition, culture and landscapes, but for idyllic destination with beaches of turquoise water, there is not like escaping to the island of Karimunjawa in Java. You will surely love the Kura Kura resort. But to give you a more complete memory of Indonesia we will take you to its cultural heart, Yogyakarta.

As a final culmination to this intense trip we have chosen the city of Singapore, the greenest and most organized city in Asia. You can’t miss it. In routes we are at your disposal to make these 15 days unforgettable. Contact us! we are here, in Southeast Asia! DETAILED ITINERARY PRICES AND HOTELS TO LEARN MORE CONTACT US Rate this itinerary 4.4/5 rating (5 votes)

Singapore, Paris and Hong Kong vie for the title

During the month of November 2012, I took a two-week trip with my wife Blanca to what I call some of the “windows of Asia”. The objective was to capture first-hand the economic and social transformations taking place in this continent, which with its demographic strength and the strength of an emerging middle class, its relative lesser development and absence of financial imbalances, has a future of unstoppable economic growth. In the same way, the political system of the area, in some cases leading democratic regimes such as in Singapore, to political dictatorships as in the case of Shenzhen (“mainland” China) or regimes in transition such as Hong Kong or Macau (both “Special Administrative Regions” within China, main exponents of “one country, two systems”), and the absence of a welfare or protective state as it is configured in Europe, are important catalysts of the economic and social structure.

– Workers’ wages or labor factor costs are rising in Shenzhen and in general in the Chinese coastal area, so global multinationals are considering relocating to alternative emerging areas, closer to the centers of large consumption (e.g. the northern part of Mexico), since they have comparable labor factor costs and closer logistics.

Round-the-world travel: 3 continents, 12 countries in 60 days

Hong Kong citizens will be able to travel to Singapore through the new travel “bubble” to be established between the two territories, with the requirement that they have received the coronavirus vaccine two weeks prior to travel, a condition that will not apply in the case of travelers making the reverse journey.

This “bubble”, which has been delayed for months due to the incidence of the pandemic, will be effective as of May 26, thanks to the agreement reached by the authorities, which establishes a daily flight in each direction with a capacity for 200 travelers.

If the coronavirus situation remains stable, it will be extended to two flights per day from June 10, on the other hand, if the daily average of untraceable coronavirus cases in a week reaches more than five, the “bubble” will be suspended for two weeks, reports ‘South China Morning Post’.

So far, 5,601 imported cases have been reported, of which 5,336 have been medically discharged and 265 remain hospitalized, while the cumulative figure rises to 90,599, including 311 still under treatment — four of them in serious condition — and 85,652 recovered.

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