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Moving from malaysia to singapore


We will then visit Thian Hock Keng, one of the oldest temples in the country, where sailors would go to worship the goddess of the sea, Mu Zu, when they arrived in Singapore. Our next stop will be Chinatown, where the Chinese colony that migrated from Xiamen in 1821 settled. We will continue our tour to the National Orchid Garden, which is located within the Singapore Botanic Gardens. It is a pioneer in the research and conservation of this specific kind of flower. In addition, inside you can enjoy more than 60,000 orchids of unparalleled beauty.

At the appointed time, we will depart for Malacca, one of the most fascinating places in Malaysia. Thanks to its fusion of cultures, including Dutch, Portuguese and English, it was awarded the title of World Heritage Site.

At the scheduled time, our English-speaking guide or translator will be waiting for us in the lobby to get to know the true essence of Malacca.  We will start our tour at St. Francis Xavier Church, the oldest church in Malaysia. We will continue to Stadthuys, the former residence of the governor of the Dutch colony. This building was painted the same color as Christ Church. Today this building is the Museum of Ethnography of Malacca.

How to go from singapore to kuala lumpur

Entering the smallest country in Southeast Asia is very simple: 80% of the nationalities do not need a Singapore visa, and you will be given between 15 and 90 days of stay, depending on your passport. If you come from Europe or America, you have the green light.

In two or three days you will receive a reply and, in case you are granted the extension, it will be counted from the original expiration date. It is free of charge and you only need to have your passport and the little card you are given when you enter the country.

The dengue mosquito breeds especially in tropical areas, so all of Southeast Asia is a potential dengue risk area. In all the trips we made in the area we never had it, but we met some travelers with worse luck. To tell you about their experience, we summoned some travelers in the post: “I had dengue in Southeast Asia”: Five travelers tell their experience.

Not all countries in South America are considered to be at risk, and even within these countries there are areas that are affected and others that are not. For example, in Argentina, only the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes are considered risk areas.

Travel to Malaysia 15 days

This trip combines visits to the best of Singapore and Malaysia. First, the city-state of Singapore, where we will discover Buddhist and Taoist temples. We will also immerse ourselves in its famous gardens, full of tropical and exotic plants. Afterwards, we will continue to Malacca, where we will visit all kinds of temples, markets and mosques. Our great combo trip ends in Kuala Lumpur: the capital of Malaysia dominated by the incredible Petronas Towers.

Today we will enjoy a tour of Singapore, which will allow us to learn about its history and culture while witnessing how East and West merge in a city where the old and the new converge.

For this, our local Spanish-speaking guide will pick us up at the hotel and we will start by heading to the colonial quarter. There, we will be able to see the Padang, the Esplanade and the Bay Theaters. We will also stop to see the Merlion, the national symbol and mascot of the city. Our next stop will be the Thian Hock Keng Temple, which belongs to the Chinese Hokkien community and is one of the oldest in the city.

Singapore in 10 days

How to use the following information: we show you the best routes and where to buy tickets. On longer routes, you may need more than one ticket. Book your tickets step by step as explained. If you have questions about the Singapore to Kuala Lumpur route, please ask in our forum. Of course, sometimes there are other possible travel routes.

Buy your ticket at a train station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket window. The ticket can be bought at a station in the country of departure, sometimes also in other countries.

Buy the ticket at a train station. Note: in some countries you have to pay a service fee at the ticket counter. The ticket can be purchased at a station in the country of departure, sometimes also in other countries.

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