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Which countries in Asia can I travel to in 2021?


Entering the smallest country in Southeast Asia is very simple: 80% of the nationalities do not need a Singapore visa, and you will be given between 15 and 90 days of stay, depending on your passport. If you come from Europe or America, you have the green light.

In two or three days you will receive a reply and, in case you are granted the extension, it will be counted from the original expiration date. It is free of charge and you only need to have your passport and the little card you are given when you enter the country.

The dengue mosquito breeds especially in tropical areas, so all of Southeast Asia is a potential dengue risk area. In all the trips we made in the area we never had it, but we met some travelers with worse luck. To tell you about their experience, we summoned some travelers in the post: “I had dengue in Southeast Asia”: Five travelers tell their experience.

Not all countries in South America are considered to be at risk, and even within these countries there are areas that are affected and others that are not. For example, in Argentina, only the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes are considered risk areas.

Government banned the export of 7 beef cuts

SIA recommends that customers who wish to make changes to their reservations do so through the website, where they will find a variety of self-service options. In addition, those who have booked directly with SIA can also send their requests through the Manage Reservation option.

On the other hand, for changes not available through the self-service options, customers can submit their requests through the Assistance Request form. The airline will then contact them as soon as possible. Customers who have booked through travel agencies or airline partners should contact them directly.

European countries open to tourism 2021

On the other hand, please note that travelers not vaccinated against coronavirus are required to have insurance with medical expense coverage of at least $30,000. This is a mandatory requirement for travel to Singapore now.

It is not necessary to have the booster dose to travel to Singapore. However, to maintain vaccinated status beyond 30 days after arrival, the booster will be required.

If you are vaccinated against coronavirus, the requirements for travel to Singapore are very simple, just fill out a couple of forms. If you are not vaccinated, you must have travel insurance with a coverage of at least $30,000 and be tested for the virus within 2 days prior to the flight, among other things.

In normal situations, there are no mandatory vaccinations for travel to Singapore, although hepatitis B and typhoid are advised. Entry to Singapore is easier if you are vaccinated against coronavirus.

New Zealand opened its borders to travelers over 60

Through the ‘Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL)’, passengers will be able to enter Singapore from selected countries without quarantine and for any purpose, including leisure travel, after months of being unable to do so due to the pandemic.

All travelers who are not Singapore citizens must apply for a Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) between seven and 30 days prior to their intended date of entry into Singapore. Travelers can apply for the VTP from October 12, 2021.

All customers must ensure that they are eligible for Singapore’s VTP flight arrangements before boarding. Passengers traveling on VTL flights will also be able to transit seamlessly through Singapore Changi Airport to 59 destinations in the SIA Group network.

“The expansion of Singapore’s VTL agreements to more countries is great news for our customers, who will now be able to more easily reunite with loved ones or plan an overseas vacation,” said Lee Lik Hsin, executive vice president commercial, Singapore Airlines.

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