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Restrictions to enter Singapore


Arrival in Delhi and after passport control and baggage collection, a representative of our agency will meet you outside the arrival terminal building and take the transfer to the hotel. Overnight stay. We will offer then, precise information for a better rest on arrival. And free walk in the afternoon if you wish.

We will end this day’s tour with a Sikh experience. We visit the Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, the sacred Sikh shrine with a complex devotional center, a large sacred immersion fountain, a missionary school, an art gallery, a charitable hospital and the Langar – a kitchen that serves free food to anyone who comes by regardless of religion or belief. We will see here how the hundreds of volunteers assist in the kitchen to help run this great kitchen. Great Finale for this day REPLETED with lots of good and heartfelt things. The mantras, the sunset, the water. And the awareness of being in INDIA, end the experience.

Iati insurance

If you are going to travel to Asia, it is essential to take out travel insurance to be adequately covered before any unforeseen event that may arise: from medical expenses coverage, to luggage coverage, trip extension or repatriation if the case arises, among other coverages.

Depending on the country visited within the Asian continent, the health system can vary drastically and some destinations have poor medical assistance and high medical expenses, so it is always advisable to take out travel insurance.

For example, it is estimated that in Japan, one of the countries with one of the best healthcare systems in Asia, the average cost for a minor health problem is around 400 euros, while in Thailand the medical care required for a fracture can exceed 1,000 euros.

With AXA Assistance travel insurance, you will not have to worry about the cost of medical expenses in case you need medical assistance, as you will be fully covered for any unforeseen event.

Best travel insurance

The Asian continent is in fashion, many are the people who orient their vacations to Thailand, India, Cambodia, Japan, China… places that offer magical landscapes and cultures totally different from ours.

As you know one of the most important things to travel to these places is to be well insured. Travel insurance for Asia is very important, the cost of insurance for a couple of weeks in Thailand, Japan … is minimal, however once there any mishap would cost perhaps hundreds or thousands of dollars having to go to the doctor or hospitalization for appendicitis or breaking a leg.

“I arrived at the hospital and was told that I had to have my appendix removed, and after a few calls to insurance (and some complication with the intermediary insurance company in which the IATI staff did everything they could to help me as quickly as possible), they had me go into surgery.

The next day I received a call from the IATI insurance staff concerned about my condition and how I was recovering. They also reminded me that I had a check-up that week, and that I did not have to pay for it either.

Singapore 2022

A round the world trip visiting several cities (including Sydney) almost for the price of a ticket to Australia…Doing a round the world trip on Low Cost airlines is now possible…In this case we can combine among others: Pegasus, Tiger Air, Scoot or Air Asia, Jetstar, Allegiant Air and Norwegian.

If you decide to make a trip around the world you will need to travel insured, you can make a quote without obligation travel insurance with a 5% discount here Remember that for this type of travel is essential to travel light luggage … for this I found very interesting this gadget:  Dolfi, to wash clothes without a washing machine, with ultrasounds…will it work? at least, they have already raised enough to start manufacturing it.

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