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Singapore is, for many, a simple place of transit and those who stay, do so for a few days. Its airport is the gateway to Asia, so most travelers make a stopover here. If this is your case, we encourage you to visit the city, which is absolutely fascinating (what many English would say “mind blowing”).

Some travelers avoid Singapore because of the popular belief that it is an expensive place and its apparent lack of tourist attractions. This conception is not true at all: here is a list of 32 places to visit. And yes! We are not going to lie to you, accommodation is not cheap. However, there are also options to stay without spending a fortune. As for food, we can assure you that there are excellent and very economical options. Did you know that in Singapore you can eat in Michelin Star restaurants for less than 10 dollars?

A real paradise for shopping enthusiasts. In Singapore you will find street markets and stores on every corner. Don’t miss the Orchard Road area, which has more than 20 gigantic, futuristic-looking shopping malls. Even tourists who don’t like shopping are amazed by this place. Here is a complete shopping guide.

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Singapore is a city-state that offers those who make the journey to it a blend of sophistication and modernity with the charisma of three ancient civilizations: Malay, Chinese and Indian. It is an excellent place to savor the culture (and food) of three peoples without having to travel long distances and without sacrificing Western comforts. Singapore has skyscrapers, excellent museums, gigantic shopping malls, Chinese and Indian temples, neighborhoods so poor they could be in Bombay (Mumbai) and others so rich they make you think of Tokyo.

If we think of food Singapore also offers all possible options from prohibitive restaurants, street stalls where eating is really cheap, and great street markets. It is, in short, a place full of contrasts that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Singapore is the perfect place for lovers of cosmopolitan cities, big skyscrapers, exotic food and those who love shopping, however, if you are looking for nature and open spaces Singapore is not the most suitable place.

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On vacations we always look for a bit of tranquility and rest, otherwise it wouldn’t be a vacation, would it? Take the opportunity to disconnect from the routine and come to know an Asian destination, completely different and sure we have many things to learn: Singapore. If you want to know what it is all about, keep reading this article and be surprised by its charms!

Singapore is a destination that you have to dare to try in all its branches and live a completely incredible experience. This Asian destination seduces everyone who visits it for its countless attractions. If you want to visit them one by one and discover all the charms of the culture of this country, come and visit this territory on your next vacation!

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