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Currency of singapore


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Singapore is expensive

As we already told you in the post “10 things you won’t believe are free in Singapore”, this is the most expensive country in Southeast Asia. But don’t despair, all countries can be made cheap by informing yourself as much as possible and maximizing your time and money.  Do not be afraid of Singapore, although it is known as “the city of the lion”, we can assure you that it does not bite?

As in most trips, accommodation will take a good part of your budget, but if you plan to stay at least two weeks, you can reduce your costs to zero by working a few hours in exchange for a bed in a hostel.

Other options to avoid spending on accommodation can be camping or staying at a local’s house through Couchsurfing. We tried all three options, and spent 20 nights in the country without paying for any of them. For more information about these options, you can read this post.

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What to do in Singapore

Flying is the fastest way to fly from Singapore to Sydney. There are at least 6 departures a day operated by Qantas Airways, Scoot, Singapore Airlines. Booking in advance can help you find the best prices, especially if you are willing to consider low cost airlines – they often sell promotional tickets at incredibly low prices, if you buy in advance.

The cheapest way to fly from Singapore to Sydney is to get a ticket during the sale periods they frequently launch. The lowest regular fare is EUR 231.49 with Scoot. If you are willing to spend EUR 1,537.59, you can fly with Singapore Airlines.

The bad thing about singapore

Argentinians entering as tourists do not require a visa to enter Singapore. The maximum length of stay is generally 30 days from the moment of entry. However, as in most countries in the world, each entry is considered on its own merits, so the immigration authority may reduce this maximum period.

Exceeding the authorized period of stay is a punishable offense in Singapore. If you wish to overstay your authorized period of stay, you may apply for an extension online using the online service or go to the Visitor Service Center on Level 4 of the ICA Building before your Visit Pass expires. Requests for an extension of stay are subject to approval.

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