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As of today, the REGISTRATION for the ticket draw is now open (you can sign up until January 31, 2018, no matter the order of application for the draw). The page to register for the raffle is:

World Cup ticket prices are divided into 4 categories but category 4 (the cheapest) is only for Russian residents, so you must choose between categories 1, 2 or 3. Prices start from USD105 (about 88€).

The FAN ID allows us to use trains between cities free of charge. You will have to book the tickets on the website designated by the Russian Government There are still no details about how the booking process will be and if there will be any restrictions but it seems a good idea to save some money during the trip.

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How to travel to the World Cup? – Russia 2018 – Guide for backpackers

On the official FIFA website, they offer you the most exclusive packages. These offers include first class tickets, transportation from the hotel to the matches, guides, catering before, during and after the match and even commemorative gifts.

Within these packages you can select the extras that your trip will have; that is why they give you the option to travel with all the luxuries or do it as a fan, to enjoy the atmosphere before the game and, ultimately, end up infected with the excitement of the rest of the fans.

There are more than 40 nationalities that can enter freely, but this only happens in some of the countries with a Soviet past and in some of South America. If you belong to any of the member countries of the European Union, you will have to apply for yours in order to visit the country.

If you are thinking of traveling to the World Cup in Russia, do not forget to get a travel insurance that covers medical expenses to deal with any unforeseen event, so you can cheer for your national team without worrying about anything.

This is how we experienced the Russia 2018 World Cup

You should already have your reservations made! Advance booking for accommodation is essential, as more than half a million tourists are expected to visit the country at this time. For this, in addition to global online hotel booking platforms, there are also some in-country ones.

The distances between the World Cup cities are very long. With the ‘FAN ID’ tourists can travel between the cities for free by train, which is usually also the most comfortable option to go from one city to another.

A good trip is never complete without experiencing the local cuisine. We should take the famous Russian “blinis”, similar to pancakes or crepes, the “kholodets”, or meat in jelly, and the “pelmeni” or “Russian ravioli”. Nor can we leave without having some of its varied soups, for example the well-known “solianka” broth. The most sybarites will be happy to try the famous Russian caviar, black -if the pocket allows it- or red.

My trip to the Russia 2018 World Cup

At Exact Change, in addition to offering the best price euro ruble, we want to tell you everything you need to know to prepare your trip to the World Cup Russia 2018: How to get a Visa to travel to Russia, Where is better to buy tickets for the World Cup Russia, …Let’s get started!

Now it is easier to travel to Russia. On the occasion of the World Cup Russia 2018, the Russian government approved the possibility of visa-free entry to Russia. The legislation provides, that during the holding of sports competitions, entry to the Russian Federation by citizens arriving in the country as spectators.

What tickets can you buy and where? There are four categories of tickets. The first, the most expensive with the best locations, the second and third are outside the first zone. However, the fourth category can only be purchased by residents from 1280 rubles.

Tickets on the FIFA website can only be purchased by individuals. In a first step, you must create an account on the FIFA website and then submit the application with all the requested information (personal data, payment method, …).

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