Traveling to russia with prescription drugs

Can I take over-the-counter medications on the plane to the U.S.?


That our health does not suffer and that we have the means at our disposal to take care of it is one of the concerns we usually have when we travel. That is why, when preparing our luggage, we cannot forget to pack a basic travel kit to continue our usual treatment or to be able to stop symptoms and frequent traveler’s illnesses such as colds, muscle pain or diarrhea. We then have doubts like these: Can we take medicines on the plane? Is their quantity limited? Are there any prohibited medicines in the country where I am going to travel? We solve these and other doubts to take care of our health during the trip.

Once informed, you are ready to prepare your travel kit. In addition to the medicines you need for your usual treatment, it is convenient to have analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs for pain and fever, anti-diarrhea, antacids, sun protection creams, contact lens liquid, mosquito and insect repellent, material for cures, etc.

Can I take ibuprofen on the plane

When you travel abroad, many times you go from summer to winter or vice versa in a few hours, try local food, experience physical activities you have never done before, etc… in the face of all this, it would not be uncommon to get sick or contract a minor illness due to any of the above mentioned items…

Based on this motto, we offer you not only the most complete insurance coverage in the market, but also substantial discounts in case of purchases for 4 or more passengers.

What medications can I take on the plane without a prescription?

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Traveling with medicines to Spain

To ensure that hotels and tickets are available, early booking is recommended. The most popular season is from April to October, and the ski season, from December to March, is sometimes very crowded. Travelers can make reservations through our online reservation system.

Citizens of some countries can visit Kyrgyzstan indefinitely, citizens of other countries can stay for a certain time without obtaining a visa beforehand, and citizens of certain countries can obtain a visa on arrival. There is a visa office at Manas International Airport for those wishing to obtain a visa on arrival. Electronic visas (e-visas) are also available through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website, although e-visas cannot be used to cross all border points. Some visitors must register with the State Registration Service, and must re-verify current registration requirements to avoid having to pay a fine.

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