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You can travel to russia now 2022


Daily excursions for cruise ship passengers: if you are traveling on a cruise ship and visiting St. Petersburg for just a couple of days, check out our visa-free programs for cruise ship passengers.

This is the perfect tour to visit Russia without the need for a visa. After arriving by ferry from Helsinki, you will discover the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, stay in a centrally located hotel on Nevsky Prospekt and explore the sights of St. Petersburg….

St. Petersburg It is impossible not to fall in love with St. Petersburg, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, after visiting it and you will understand why. The most European of all Russian cities and towns.

St. Petersburg The Petro Palace St. Petersburg is a new 4-star superior hotel, opened in 2005, offering the best location and excellent services. It occupies a building of historical and cultural significance, the former residence of Baron Von Schtaal.

St. Petersburg The largest of all hotels on the Neva, the “Nevsky Grand” is located in the center of St. Petersburg in the famous Golden Triangle – the area, where the main tourist attractions of St. Petersburg are concentrated. The Hermitage Museum; the Cathedrals of Kazan, St. Isaac, the Church of Our Savior on the Spilled Blood, the Russian Museum are within walking distance from the hotel.

St. Petersburg visa

Actually it is always the same standard document, consisting of 2 parts: a “service voucher” (in English or Russian) plus a “confirmation of reception of foreign tourist” = “confirmation of accommodation reservation” = “podtverzhdenie” (in Russian). This document is issued by a Russian travel agency authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue it or a hotel entitled to do so. In most cases this document is arranged when you book your accommodation in Russia (but it is not automatic, you have to do it specially), i.e. when booking any type of accommodation, do not forget to ask about it (ask for “visa support”) before booking. There are also travel or visa agencies that manage it as an additional service. They provide a copy by fax or in PDF format. The visa will be issued exactly for the dates of stay indicated in the letter of invitation. Normally it is not required to present a reservation of air or train tickets to apply for the visa (you can read all the requirements on their website). The visa will be affixed to a page of your passport.

You can travel to russia without a visa

One of the biggest drawbacks to travel to Russia is that the visa to enter the country is expensive and can be somewhat complicated. However, the St. Petersburg region has made it easy for tourists and since October 2019 you can visit this area of the country simply by having an e-visa that is easily processed online and, in addition, it is free! In this post I tell you the whole process to obtain it.

Remember that in St. Petersburg the ruble is used. If you don’t want to pay commissions when paying or withdrawing money in Russia, I recommend these cards to travel without commissions: ✅ BNEXT: you will be able to withdraw money without commissions anywhere in the world. ✅ N26: you can pay anywhere in the world with the best exchange rate.✅Revolut: similar to the previous one. You will be able to pay without commissions in another currency.

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