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Traveling over 9,000 km across eight time zones and passing through two continents? No, thank you. You can call it ‘the adventure of a lifetime’. I imagine what’s really an adventure there is looking for a shower between wagons.2. Russia’s Far East

This place provokes a lot of questions to travelers: Why do people love to eat Asian food and spend their weekends in China? Actually, is this Russia – everything here seems strange, especially near Vladivostok. There are subtropical and subarctic trees growing in the forests and vines with berries that taste like lemon. Sharks swim near the herring.

‘If I had a fortune, I’d live in Sochi,’ some say. Want to see snow and experience summer heat in the same trip? It is possible to do so in Russia’s summer capital, which has a subtropical climate, reaching up to 39°C. By the way, it was the city that hosted the Winter Olympics in 2014.

Try the local cuisine when you travel, it is often said. It will be fun. The thing is that Russian regional cuisine is somewhat confusing. There are more than 100 nationalities in the country with different culinary traditions, making the country an exotic gastronomic destination. Icy fish fillets, cherry pie, huge dumplings filled with hot soup. Chances are you won’t want to try these dishes with the strangest names and ingredients.READ MORE: Russian winter, from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin


Russia has been one of the most hospitable countries for me. And it’s not my first trip. The experience I’ve had in the largest country in the world has been so good, in part, because of traveling alone. When you do, you become more social, the opportunities to connect with locals increase, and the best things happen to you. Let me tell you first and then you decide if you want to travel alone to Russia and Siberia.

Personally, I haven’t encountered any, although, one of the most common concerns people have conveyed to me is about the language. They always tell me: “I just don’t know English. Most Russians don’t either.

If you decide to visit Russia in winter, which I recommend, because it is quite an experience, it will be much easier to buy tickets on short notice, even one or two days in advance, since it is low season and you will be sharing your trip with locals.

Even if you don’t use it to stay in other people’s houses, there are many events where you can learn about Russian culture. I was even invited to a company party in Yekaterinburg and I was able to see the kind of celebration they do and all that thanks to using Couchsurfing.

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Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center. Opened in 2015, the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center preserves the legacy of the first president of the Russian Federation, who was born and grew up in Yekaterinburg. The complex includes a branch of Yeltsin’s library, the exhibition hall and the museum to present the political history of the 20th century, and Boris Yeltsin’s part in it.

You can enter Akademgorodok through Lavréntiev Avenue, marked by the Guinness Book of Records as the “most scientific street in the world”. You can see the Obi River reservoir (Obi artificial sea). You can visit a museum of your choice: archaeological museum of the Institute of archeology and ethnography (closed on Saturdays and Sundays) / geological museum of the Institute of geology and mineralogy (closed on Saturdays and Sundays) / railroad museum with a collection of Soviet locomotives and towed material (closed on Mondays).

Excursion to all the most important historical sites of Irkutsk, such as the Známenski Orthodox Cathedral, old-style wooden houses with distinctive hand-carved details, the monument to the pioneers of Siberia crowned by the bronze statue of the Russian Emperor Alexander III. You can also visit the Decembrists’ museum to learn more about the December 14, 1825 revolt, its participants and their life in Siberian exile. You can walk through the historical quarter No. 130 with its reconstructed buildings of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Trans-Siberian Train – Batista Viajes – Gonzalo Moreira

Siberia is a large geographical area in the northeastern part of Russia, separated from the western part of the country by the Urals and bordered on the east by the Far East region, on the north by the Arctic Ocean and on the southern borders by Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China.

The Siberian Federal District preserves many Buddhist temples and ancient churches, as well as Christian holy places. In all of them, harmony with nature will allow to relax and forget about all human problems.

For tourists it will be interesting to see such nature reserves with animals as “Azas”, “Uvs Nuur basin” and others. In addition to reserves, to our times as preserved historical monuments, such as the famous Por-Bazhyn fortress and others.

Novosibirsk region is characterized by its natural beauty and diversity of wildlife. The region has more than 400 rivers. The largest river is the Ob. In the Novosibirsk region there are more than 3,000 lakes, in particular, Ubinskoe, Cubas, Sartlan and others. Some of them belong to the largest lakes of Western Siberia.

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