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Visa required to go to the UK


Travelers intending to enter the territory of the Russian Federation must be in possession of a valid visa issued in their passport/identity documents. The applicant must specify the reason for entry into the Russian Federation and submit the necessary documents depending on the type of visa applied for.

You should ask your insurer for a POLICY CERTIFICATE WITH DATE OF EXPIRATION AND SAYING RUSSIAN OR WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. With logo and signature of the company, and date, as well as your personal data. If you do not have it, when you go to the offices, ask for advice.

Submission of documents to the Russian Visa Center by means other than those mentioned above does not guarantee compliance with the deadlines established for ordinary and urgent visa processing.

However, the interested parties can use their own courier service and clarify when sending the documents which company will pick up their passport, or if we send it to them freight collect (payable on receipt at home) with NACEX.

Visa required to go to london

The processing of a tourist invitation for foreign citizens is the fastest way to obtain it without delays and problems. The invitation for obtaining a tourist visa has two parts: the tourist voucher and the confirmation of reception of the foreign tourist.

Foreigners wishing to visit their friends or relatives living in Russia must obtain a private (guest) visa. The visa for private travel can be single-entry or double-entry, it is issued for a duration of not more than 90 days.

The invitation required for a private visa is issued by the Federal Migration Service (FMS). The reason for issuing such an invitation is the request of a natural person or a legal entity (provided that the legal entity is accredited by the FMS).

Business invitation on a letterhead of the SFM is a state model document. The processing of a business invitation on a letterhead of the Federal Migration Service takes 12 working days for a single-entry visa and 17 working days for a two-entry visa. During this time, a review is conducted looking for the absence of any criminal record on the part of the foreign citizen, as well as any fines or deportations. If any of the above is present, the host party receives a denial of the invitation stating the corresponding reasons.

Family visa for united kingdom

The Russian diplomacy described as unacceptable the statements of the British side that the UK consular services give priority to the processing of visa applications of Ukrainian refugees, which delays the consideration of Russian applications.

In addition, the Foreign Office stressed, the situation is aggravated by the fact that consular fees must be paid by credit card on a British website, which does not accept those issued by Russian banks due to Western sanctions against Russia for its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

The UK government, led by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, has become one of Ukraine’s main allies in its resistance to what Russia calls a “special military operation. “EFE

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London, Mar 5 (Prensa Latina) The government of the United Kingdom today recommended British citizens to leave Russia while commercial flights are available, unless their presence in the Eurasian country is essential.

Earlier, the Russian government recognized the independence and sovereignty of both territories and signed treaties of friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance with their leaders, which included the establishment of diplomatic relations and military aid.

The United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union and the rest of the NATO allies accuse Putin of invading the neighboring country, and implemented economic and financial sanctions against the highest representatives of the Russian State and Government, and against Russian businessmen, banks, airlines and ships.

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