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As of today, the REGISTRATION for the ticket draw is open (you can register until January 31, 2018, no matter in which order you apply for the draw). The page to register for the raffle is:

World Cup ticket prices are divided into 4 categories but category 4 (the cheapest) is only for Russian residents, so you must choose between categories 1, 2 or 3. Prices start from USD105 (about 88€).

The FAN ID allows us to use trains between cities free of charge. You will have to book the tickets on the website designated by the Russian Government There are still no details about how the booking process will be and if there will be any restrictions but it seems a good idea to save some money during the trip.

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How to travel to the World Cup? – Russia 2018 – Guide for backpackers

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Celeste delegation travels to Russia 2018

The tricolor’s recent victory over the Panamanian team secured its ticket to the World Cup to be held in Russia from June 14 to July 15, 2018. The motivation to cross the Atlantic and support the national team in their matches increases. For this reason, we present some options that might interest you if you are planning to travel to support the national team.

Russia requires travelers to obtain a tourist visa in addition to their Mexican passport. It is a relatively simple procedure that takes 7 working days or 3 if requested urgently. The embassy is in charge of issuing the document, although there are some companies that offer support and advice such as Soul Kitchen Hostel. The documents for this procedure are the flight itinerary and a letter of confirmation from the place where you will be staying, as well as an application questionnaire.

Surely, the dollar will be an acceptable exchange rate during the World Cup. But it is necessary to have information about the local currency: 1 US dollar is equivalent to 57 Russian rubles.

This is how we experienced the Russia 2018 World Cup

What are the “white nights”?  The curious phenomenon that occurs between late May and early July is due to the extreme northern latitude of the city on the Baltic, which is located at the same altitude as southern Greenland. Thus, clarity is permanent in those summer weeks. At midnight the sky darkens somewhat, but never enough. One goes out into the street with the feeling that the day lasts forever.

At a cost that could exceed 1 billion dollars, the new FC Zenit stadium (Gazprom Arena) is being built and is located on Krestovsky Island, between rivers and near the exit to the sea. The fact that it is the most visited city in Russia says it all as far as flights are concerned: they arrive from all over Europe and Asia, both with well-known and “low cost” airlines. The same goes for trains: there are high-speed trains. In addition, the St. Petersburg Metro has the Krestovsky Ostrov station on line 5, which drops you off at the stadium.

The matches. The Argentine national team will close the group stage here; the Zenit stadium will also host Morocco vs. Iran, Russia vs. Egypt, Brazil vs. Costa Rica, a round of 16, the first semi-final and the match for third place.

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