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I applied for political asylum on Saturday (April 15, 2017) in the early morning at the border of poland with Belarus from this place they sent me to take the train from terespol after being sent me to the polish embassy in minsk station officials in brest told me that this embassy will not work that week I came to moscow where I have no means what do I do help me please help me Alexander Roldan

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The director in charge of Russian relations with Europe at the Russian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Tiápkin, said Saturday that Russia will give a proportional and adequate response to the increase of NATO forces in Poland. “We cannot and will not watch impassively the increase of NATO forces in Poland. As always, the response will be proportional and adequate, aimed at neutralizing potential threats to Russia’s security,” he said in an interview to Russia’s Interfax news agency.

Tiápkin recalled that “long before the Maidan in Kyiv in 2014, which became the trigger that activated the spiral of tragic events in Ukraine, successive governments in Poland, regardless of their political color, increasingly insisted on ‘strengthening NATO’s eastern flank’.”

Von der Leyen and ZelenskiAs for Von der Leyen’s visit to the Ukrainian capital, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced Saturday that she has gone to Kiev, where she will meet with Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski, a few days before the EU executive publishes its assessment of Ukraine’s application to become a candidate country to join the European Union.

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Belarus is a young state on the modern map of Europe. However, the country’s history begins many centuries ago. Today, as many centuries ago, Belarus is very happy to welcome guests from all over the world to its land.

In Belarus the culture and traditions of Western and Eastern Europe are uniquely intertwined. Representatives of various religions and nationalities live together in the country.

Belarus has passed a long and difficult path of its historical development. The first cities – principalities on the territory of modern Belarus began to appear in the IX century of the Christian era. The most powerful principalities at the beginning of the second millennium were the Polotsk and Turov principalities. Architectural monuments of that period have been preserved to this day: the Cathedral of St. Sophia in Polotsk (11th century), the Church of Boris and Gleb (Kolozh) in Grodno (12th century).

Today Belarus is an intensively developed European country open to the whole world. Belarusian people know and want to receive visitors. Here you will be welcomed with hospitality, sincerity and enthusiasm.

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In the United States, Biden’s warnings that democracy is under siege by menacing autocrats may seem remote, even after former President Donald Trump’s insurrection on Capitol Hill and his attempt to steal the 2020 election.

But in Poland, Ukraine’s neighbor, freedom is fresh enough to still be a novelty. In a tortured 20th-century history, the country, divided between East and West, was repeatedly conquered, was ruled by foreign tyrants and saw millions of its people purged or driven as refugees from their war-torn homes.

“We think it’s the right place for (Biden) to go to be able to see troops, to be able to see humanitarian experts and to be able to meet with a front-line and very vulnerable ally,” U.S. national security adviser Jake Sullivan said this week.

Biden’s trip comes several weeks after Vice President Kamala Harris was in Warsaw and helped ease a disagreement between the two governments over Poland’s plan to send Soviet-era aircraft to Ukraine. Biden opposed the transfer, reasoning that Putin could see it as an escalation of the conflict that could create a cascade of consequences and a confrontation between the West and Russia, putting a nuclear exchange at risk.

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