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The lake is 636km long and 80km wide. The maximum depth of Baikal is 1,637mts. Baikal’s clear water contains high levels of oxygen and some minerals, close to those of distilled water. In many respects, its characteristics are closely related to the plankton-epischura-crustaceans found only in the waters of Lake Baikal, which clean its waters. In spring the transparency of the water can reach a depth of 40 meters.

It is possible to take a tour to Lake Baikal via Irkutsk, Severobaykalsk or Ulan-Ude. 70 km from Irkutsk is the village of Listvyanka, the starting point for many tours and trips on Lake Baikal.

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Arrival in Irkutsk Departure to Listvyanka, a small settlement situated on the shore of Lake Baikal. En route to Listvyanka we will stop for a guided tour of the Taltsy – an open-air Museum of Russian / Siberian Wooden Architecture. The oldest buildings of the museum are the Spass Tower of the Ilimsk Fortress (1667) and the still functioning Kazan Chapel (1679). We will also stop next to an Obo (a sacred place for the local Buddhist and shamanistic population). We will then go to the headwaters of the Angara River to see the famous Shaman Rock (another sacred place for the local people). We will visit a market where local people sell smoked fish from the lake as well as local handicrafts. Then we will check in at the hotel and go for lunch at a wooden restaurant on the shore “Proshli Vek” (fish and vegetarian menus). After that we will visit the Church of St. Nicholas the Miraculous – the guardian angel of travelers. Then we will go to the Baikal Ecological Museum which has an exhibition of the unique fauna and flora surrounding the lake. There is also an aquarium where you can see the different species of local fish and the Baikal nerpa – the world’s only freshwater seal. Return to the hotel. Lunch and free time

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This is such an amazing place that we can visit it in two ways: as simple tourists, which will make us drool. Or as scientists: then we will discover that this gigantic lake also has a lot to offer. In any case, if you have never been to Lake Baikal, located in southern Russian Siberia, I will try to transport you there as best I can. Take a breath.

Lake Baikal is such a large lake (31,494 square kilometers in area: 650 kilometers long and between 29 and 80 kilometers wide) and so deep (1,637 meters, although if all the sediments were extracted it would reach 9 kilometers) that it contains 20 percent of the planet’s non-frozen continental waters, that is, to put it simply, of the planet’s fresh water.

Although the climatic conditions are somewhat extreme (in winter they reach up to 45 degrees below zero), Lake Baikal is also a paradise for fauna and flora. Apart from endemic species such as the Baikal seal and sturgeon, the golomjanka fish and the epishura crab (a tiny animal whose role is fundamental in the food chain, as it filters the water through its organism), you can delight in an extraordinary biodiversity: 1,600 genera of animals and 800 plants catalogued to date.

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per person Can you walk on water? Yes, you can, as winter is a fairytale time for Siberia. For a few weeks, Lake Baikal becomes the world’s largest ice skating rink. Feel the power of nature, be amazed by the incomparable beauty of the world’s largest and deepest freshwater lake and its completely transparent turquoise. Experience the real Russian winter, explore indigenous cultures and enjoy true Siberian hospitality. view tripQuestionbook

Crystal Ice of Lake Baikal_COPYCrystal Ice of Lake Baikal_COPYType:AnySeason:February – MarchDuration:5 daysGrade:Moderate Consider walking a little (about 2 hours per day).Rate:from

The pattern of cracks, bubbles and chips is never repeated. It is of different colors – from white to piercing blue, from blue to cosmically black. When you stand on ice and there is a kilometer of clear transparent water beneath you seem to freeze over the abyss. And you’re afraid to move so you don’t wake up. see tripPreguntarbook

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