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– Tourist Tax in Dubai (connecting night at Dubai Airport): not included is the accommodation tax imposed by the Government of Dubai to be paid directly by passengers at the hotel for the connecting night at Dubai Airport. The value of this fee at the time of this publication is AED 20.- per room per night, subject to changes as determined by the Government of Dubai.

DAY 14 – September 17 (Tuesday) DUBAIDBreakfast. Free day. We suggest to book from Argentina the optional full day excursion (not included) without lunch “ABU DHABI WITH CITY TOUR” (see details in Optional Excursions) **.


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Do I need a Dubai visa to travel from Brazil? It depends on your nationality/passport. You can use our online tool to check the visa requirements for your passport. If you need the visa before flying, without the Dubai visa you will not be able to board the flight to Dubai.

What are the advantages of obtaining a Dubai visa online? a) It is a three-step procedure that is simple for users to understand: Complete the form, attach your documents and pay your fees. b) Processing time varies from 3 to 5 days. c) All documents are submitted electronically and the online application form is very easy to use. d) You can easily monitor the status of your visa and receive your e-visa by email.

Do I need travel insurance to visit Dubai if I am traveling from Brazil? No, travel insurance is not a mandatory form of documentation, although it is recommended that you have it while traveling. Many mishaps can occur and you do not want to deal with them when you are in another country, so it is highly recommended to have your travel insurance with you.

It is safe to travel to dubai now

What documents do I need to travel to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates? Do I have to apply for a visa? Dubai has gone from being a place to visit on a stopover to a destination where you can spend a few days enjoying its beaches, mosques, souks and, of course, luxurious shopping malls and hotels and imposing skyscrapers. We are going to get practical this time and we are going to tell you all about requirements for traveling to Dubai and the UAE.

In case you are traveling for more than 90 days or for business or professional reasons, you must be sponsored by a resident of the United Arab Emirates, either an individual or a legal entity. Recently, the Emirati government has approved a visa for those who want to telecommute. If you are interested, it is best to contact the nearest UAE embassy or consulate.

Please note that the requirements for travel to Dubai may change from one day to the next due to the coronavirus. At IATI we are constantly working to keep everything up to date, but please check this link and the airline you are traveling with before planning your adventure.

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We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that you should consider before submitting an application for a Dubai visa. If you have not found an answer to your question, please fill in the form on the right and we will contact you as soon as possible.

1. After submitting the application, we will review it and send you an email as soon as possible. 2. Once your request has been reviewed (1-4 hours), we will generate the invoice and send it to you by E-mail. 3. You can check the status of your visa online. Visa processing time is 3-5 working days. ** VISA EXPRESS SERVICE – Delivery time is 24-48 hours. 4. Dubai visa is issued electronically. Once your visa is issued, we will send it to you by E-mail. 5. You will need to print a copy and show it at passport control at the airport.

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