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As of January 1, 2021, the Russian government has introduced a unified electronic visa for visiting the entire Russian territory. This electronic visa allows you to enter the country only once for tourist, business, humanitarian reasons or to visit relatives, for a maximum of 16 days . The nationalities and entry points eligible for this visa are as follows. The average time to obtain the electronic visa is about 4 days. No invitation or voucher is required for this process.

To travel to Russia, the e-visa is mandatory. From January 1, 2021, you can visit the whole country with the unified e-visa. The visa for Russia allows you to stay 16 days in the different Russian oblasts in order to visit your relatives, for business, tourism or humanitarian reasons.

The electronic visa for Russia is available online for a fee of 69 € per traveler. It is not possible to obtain a visa for Russia on arrival, we advise you to apply online 4 days before your departure to Russia.

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Another of the main requirements is to register prior to entering the country. The format and how far in advance you must register varies with each destination. For more specific help you can follow the link provided for each destination.

There is no longer a requirement to present a certificate of vaccination, recovery or proof at the border. There is also no requirement for unvaccinated, unrecovered and untested persons to be quarantined upon arrival.

The Liechtenstein authorities are joining the measures taken by Switzerland. Travelers from Schengen-associated and EU countries are no longer required to provide contact details, proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test.

Liechtenstein authorities join the measures taken by Switzerland. It is no longer necessary for travelers from Schengen-associated and EU countries to provide contact details, proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test.

It is necessary to register online at and send all necessary documentation (vaccination certificate, PCR test or any other required document) at least 3 days prior to travel. EU citizens and residents who have the CovPass application can use the CovPass application instead of registering on the Ehteraz online portal.

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The colors for European Union countries and European Economic Area countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), including Switzerland, will be based on the categorization established by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, ECDC, which includes green, orange or red categories.

The assessment of third countries (United Kingdom, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Belarus), as well as the list of recommendations of the European Council of third countries, will be carried out by the Ministry of Health which will categorize them in green, orange, red and gray.

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In this article we are going to tell you how to travel to Northern Cyprus from the south. This is what we did. And I specify from the south, because North Cyprus also has its own airport, so you can reach the country by air, on a flight from Turkey.

Both are interesting. I would say that if you are more interested in archaeology, opt for the one that visits Salamis. And if you are more interested in visiting beautiful cities, opt for the one that includes Kyrenia.

A second possibility is to hire a cab in North Nicosia for the whole day and to take you to the places you want to visit in North Cyprus. Depending on your art of negotiation the price should be between 80 and 140 euros for the whole day.

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