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India e-Visa is an official document that allows entry and travel within India to Russian residents and citizens for tourism, travel industry, clinical visits, conferences, yoga, courses, workshops, agreements and exchanges, humanitarian efforts and other business ventures in this new Indian e-Visa system.

The Indian visa for Russian citizens can be acquired simply and easily. The process is as simple as completing an online form in a few minutes, easy to complete payment method to finalize Indian visa application form online.

Russian citizens should save an electronic copy of the email received on the phone/computer/tablet or a hard copy and bring the eVisa to the airport. There is no passport stamp requirement for Russian citizens for online Indian eVisa (eVisa India) which is sent in an e-mail.

You can also upload documents to this website in case it is required to support your Indian visa application. The link to upload the required documents for Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) will be sent to the applicant’s email address provided at the time of submitting the Indian Visa Online. Russian citizens can also send an email directly to eVisa India Help Desk.

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Following his strategy, Vladimir Putin revitalizes a route that becomes an innovative means of transporting production and holding foreign exchange reserves. Since the Europeans focused on improving the blockade of Russia and fighting for Ukrainian grain exports to the Black Sea at the end of June, Vladimir Putin had a different trade route in mind.

The premises of this project are simply presented and trace back to a historical need to reduce travel time from 40-60 days to 25-30 days and reduce costs by 30 percent. The absence of an installed 7,200 km overland route led to the reality of the high cost of freight from India to Russia, which had to cross the Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, then round Western Europe and finally through the Baltic Sea to reach St. Petersburg.

Within a different geopolitical environment, this picture has changed. In June, Lithuania imposed a transit ban on sanctioned goods bound for the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, and only reversed its decision after the EU intervened to clear the way for the cargo to travel. As early as July, Kazakhstan was proposing a law that would prevent the transit of EU-sanctioned goods to Russia.

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Those who don’t intend to get off the train will find enough distractions on board, from the ever-changing scenery, a dining car that’s open 24 hours a day with traditional Russian and Mongolian food (take the opportunity to try specialties like Brizol and beef medallion) and a bar that most travelers prefer to overlook. Instead they carry their own drinks and no one has a problem. For the more patient there are a few must stops along the way, but none like Lake Baikal, located in Irkust. It is the largest freshwater lake in the world and is considered one of the clearest and oldest.

“we cannot forget russian gas in the medium term”.

To travel by train from Kotah in India to St. Petersburg in Russia, read the following information and blog posts.There are two main routes. Compare them and decide which one best suits your needs.

How to use the following information: we show you the best routes and where to buy tickets. On longer routes, you may need more than one ticket. Book your tickets step by step as explained. If you have questions about the route from Kotah to St. Petersburg, please ask in our forum. Of course, sometimes there are other possible travel routes.

Do you have any questions about the connection between Kotah and St. Petersburg? Something is not working as it should? Ask on our forum and you will get good answers from our train travel experts.

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