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The 4 requirements to enter the United States by air to


Each country has its own rules for visitors of various nationalities. Therefore, before departure, we recommend that you check the entry and travel requirements of the country you plan to visit.

Please note that entry and travel restrictions may apply in some destinations. As a traveler, you are responsible for ensuring that you meet the necessary requirements to gain access to your destination before leaving the airport.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is a requirement for foreign nationals without a visa traveling to or through Canada by air. Citizens and travelers with a valid visa are not included.

Russian bombers over the Baltic Sea under NATO escort

It is necessary to cross the road only in the permitted places: at traffic lights and crosswalks. First look around carefully and only when you are sure that there are no cars on the road, cross the road.

Outside the university or university town it is better to carry your passport, migration card or student card. Do not be surprised if the policemen ask you to show your documents. It is not that they have something against you, but this is done to ensure your safety. Since terrorism is one of the main threats in today’s world. Russia is actively fighting against its manifestations believing the safety of its citizens and tourists to be important. Therefore, there is no need to panic when checking your documents, it is a common rule to prevent crimes.

It’s not all cold in Russia! Summer in Russia!

At the same time, most Russians do not have what the West calls “good manners”. Their manners are not bad, they are simply Russian manners. Russia is a harsh continent and Russians usually do not hesitate to say things in a way that leaves no room for misunderstanding. During the Soviet period having Western-style “good manners” was considered to be reminiscent of the bourgeoisie (and don’t forget that the Soviet system was against everything bourgeois). Russians are very direct. When they see each other or call each other on the phone, they don’t waste time with questions like “How are you feeling?” and get straight to the point. It’s not that they are rude, it’s simply a way of doing things.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t keep their manners at social events or that they are rude. On the contrary, a Russian or in our case a Russian woman knows perfectly well how to keep manners in many different situations: a family or work meal, a cultural event etc. Russians are very well-mannered people. They will always address a third party formally and will not address him or her as a “tute tute” until a relationship of frank friendship is established. They have great respect for family and family rules. Russians are direct, frank and very respectful people.

Russia 2018 – Offensive videos of Colombian fans

These documents will be requested once the form has been completed and paid for. It is only necessary that the documents are legible, so that they can be compared with the manually entered data.

A scan of the identity pages of your valid passport (the one used for your trip to Russia). This is the left page of the passport with your personal data AND the right page with your signature. The photocopy must be in color.

⚠️ Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your e-visa application to Russia. It cannot be an emergency green passport, nor a diplomatic passport. It is strongly advised that you have a free space to apply stamps at the border crossing upon arrival in Russia.

The photo should not be overexposed or underexposed. It should have good contrast, with no shadows on the face or background. It can be square or rectangular. Passport photos must be recent and look like the passport photo.

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