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Book train tickets with us quickly and easily. We offer tickets within Russia and also to neighboring countries. E-tickets are available for most destinations.

Express to Russia is a leading provider of organized tours to Russia. We offer our tours in Russia as a ground service when you make your travel arrangements by air. We meet you at the airport and take care of everything else. You can book the discounted tickets yourself through our own virtual discount ticket office. The airline tickets we offer are the cheapest available through the web. Check out our discount airline tickets section for more information.

Express to Russia also gives you the opportunity to create your own tour or adapt one of our regular tours. Just ask our Russian travel specialists. Travel to Russia is our specialty and our experienced staff will do their best to make your Russian vacation a spectacular one. Travel in Russia can be extremely interesting, rewarding and exciting if you find the right places. Our local guides will make your stay in this special country an unforgettable one. Here you can see what previous travelers have to say about Russia and our services. Please visit our recommendations page – explore Russia together with us!

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If what you like about traveling is to be able to carry out different activities or tourist routes full of adrenaline, then Russia is your ideal destination for your next vacation. You will be able to carry out a multitude of excursions through its natural landscapes. Be amazed by the fantastic countries of this huge country and visit all its corners, while you have a great time. Spend an unrepeatable vacation in Russia!

As we all know Russia is a country with a lot of history and culture behind it. This is perfectly reflected in the large number of monuments that are scattered throughout its territory and that mix different cultural backgrounds. All this is due to the fact that the Russian territory occupies part of the European and Asian continent. So, to know all this, you just have to book your place to travel to this fantastic country.

One of the most interesting ways to get to know a country is to visit its most important cities. In Russia you will find many cities of interest to visit scattered throughout its territory. In them, besides learning more about the culture and history, you will be able to know more about its people and spend a few quiet days touring its most emblematic areas. So to discover all the secrets of Russia you have to make a mandatory stop in its most important places.

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We appreciate your patience during all this time while we had all the correct information to provide the service that has always distinguished us, a service always of quality, so we inform you that our agents will be communicating with you to give you the details of your travel packages.

The largest country in the world captivates and fascinates with its magnificent art, epic landscapes and multifaceted society. The traveler visiting Russia for the first time will also discover that perseverance and a sense of humor will greatly enrich his or her experience.

All our travel packages to Russia have the highest quality services. They will allow you to travel comfortably and safely to make the most of the Tours having the best lodging service in First Class Hotels and the best transportation. Our packages to Russia that are presented here, are finely selected to please the most demanding tastes. For this reason we are located in the heart of the people who travel using our services.

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Live a different trip, full of emotion, culture, history and adventures. Dare to try Russian gastronomy, enjoy red and black caviar, herring, borsch soup and of course, vodka.

The land of the Czars is the perfect destination for that getaway you are looking for, take advantage of the best deals on cheap tours in Russia, and enjoy with your family or friends an experience they will never forget, book now with Kerala Travel!

As soon as you arrive, don’t wait a second and go to see its spectacular symbol: the Kremlin and the Red Square. This area is much more than a government building located on a concrete slab, as in many other places. In fact, it also houses the Cathedral Square, the Armory and the Diamond Fund, the Lenin Mausoleum, the Alexander Gardens and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Necropolis of the Wall, the State Museum of History and the Museum of the Patriotic War of 1812, the Iberian Gate and Chapel, as well as the GUM Galleries.

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