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If what you like to travel is to be able to carry out different activities or tourist routes loaded with adrenaline, then Russia is your ideal destination for your next vacation. You can carry out a multitude of excursions through its natural landscapes. Be amazed by the fantastic countries of this huge country and visit all its corners, while you have a great time. Spend an unrepeatable vacation in Russia!

As we all know Russia is a country with a lot of history and culture behind it. This is perfectly reflected in the large number of monuments that are scattered throughout its territory and that mix different cultural backgrounds. All this is due to the fact that the Russian territory occupies part of the European and Asian continents. So, to know all this, you just have to book your place to travel to this fantastic country.

One of the most interesting ways to get to know a country is to visit its most important cities. In Russia you will find many cities of interest to visit scattered throughout its territory. In them, besides learning more about the culture and history, you will be able to know more about its people and spend a few quiet days touring its most emblematic areas. So to discover all the secrets of Russia you have to make a mandatory stop in its most important places.

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The train trip from Vladivostok to Ulan-Ude is two and a half days. But the comfortable compartment will make you feel at home. The scenery along the way is typical Siberian, endless taiga and rivers and lakes. You will be surprised by the intensity of nature and you will definitely feel that you have left civilization well behind. During the 20-25 minute stops, you will be able to walk near your wagon and restock your supplies.

Get ready for a fascinating tour to the scientific city of Akademgorodok and other areas of interest in and around Novosibirsk. After breakfast, you will depart on your city tour. Akademgorodok is a city built entirely for scientists and their families and is well known throughout the international scientific community. The tour will take you to the Geology Museum at the Geological Research Institute, to the open-air Train Museum exhibiting a collection of old Trans-Siberian trains (30 km outside Novosibirsk). Then you will continue back to Novosibirsk and be taken on a panoramic tour of the city. Our guide will show you Krasny Prospect, Alexander Cathedral and Lenin Square where the extensive Opera House is located. Then you will visit the oldest part of the city, Gorkogo Street with its old wooden houses, the tiny St. Nicholas Chapel that marks the very center of Russia and the Ob River dam. After your tour, you will have some free time before departing to the station. Our representatives can help you find a good local restaurant (optional) where you can taste genuine Siberian cuisine. Afterwards, you will continue to the train station for your onward journey.

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There is really so much to see and enjoy in Russia that it would take weeks of traveling to discover it in its entirety, or even months! However, here are some recommendations of must-see places so that you can make the most of what this immense country has to offer, in the time of your trip.

You have probably already seen this place in thousands of photos, but, personally, it will surprise you much more than you can imagine. It is the most famous square in Russia. It occupies no less than 23,100 square meters. It is also on the UNESCO heritage list. Inside we can find the tomb of Lenin, as well as the monument to Pozharsky and Minin, two national heroes for their role in the defense against the Polish invasion in the early seventeenth century.

This museum is located in the heart of the wonderful city of St. Petersburg. It occupies a total of five buildings united to form one of the most beautiful architectural ensembles in Russia. At present, it treasures more than three million objects from the East and Europe, from ancient times to the XXI century. It is considered one of the most complete art galleries in the world.

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Enjoy a visit to Pushkin (25 km from St. Petersburg). The city of Pushkin, formerly known as Tsarskoye Selo, is famous for its majestic Catherine Palace, where you will see masterpieces such as the Great Hall decorated with gilded wood carvings and mirrors, and the beautifully recreated Amber Room, lined with natural amber in different colors.

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